Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wet Work


Here I have started to fill the bottom hole up. This is because the plumber said that he quoted only to the point where the fittings are in place, and not to actually finish or do any wet work.

AHA, dude, you could have told me that from the beginning, right? And I just know that I will install the shower and toilet, because he says he will only have time in the next next week.

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

He also says that he has to increase the quote, because the concrete is harder than he thought.

Fuck, dude you can increase the quote no problem. Getting more money out of me might prove the more difficult part.

Basement work

That’s starting in the basement and stopping up the gaps there first---tough work, trust me.

A touch removed from goldsmithing.

Day one

Here is the shower being filled up. We left the heater in the shower, just to see what it will be like in winter, because both Anne and I have not actually experienced a winter in Europe ever. Nothing like new experiences right?

Door closed

Look, you got to get creative. This was the only way we could get a water point to the workshop, so we, after angsting about it for a few days decided to not use this door again.  We will build a bookcase there instead. We could have put the sink to one side, but that would have seriously interfered with the workshop flow, and that is the prime consideration in any workshop. Walking three meters extra over say five years, amounts to an immense amount of wasted one b

Basic wet work about to get smoothed out. The tap is temporary, because we did not have a toilet nor water in the shop for four days. This seriously interferes with drinking beers.Tiling

Here Anne has done the tiling up to where the toilet can be installed. This building is so fracking skew that it makes for difficult tiling. Check on the left side.recreation

This is the ah, recreation room being built. I’ll finish it today ( Sunday)Zink

Melting bench, polishing machine and  sink installed and running. It is great to have running water again. This project gives new meaning to ‘building a shop’. We start from Genesis.


All this work has made me immensely strong.Heavy weight

Able to hold up the most amazing weights.Workshop Burger

Sometimes we eat a little rough, like straight off the workbench. We still have to find our crockery and stuff.Tourists

You know, really.Cool-Building

This dude visited the Caribbean, for sure.

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