Sunday, October 9, 2011

Getting There Slowly.


The original electrician never pitched, so we got another one. The new dude did the job in two hours. But he did burst out laughing when he saw the DB. It is, I must admit, somewhat old. Our supply is the one tucked in the top right corner.


Anyway, so when he pitches, he says that there needs to be a hole drilled in the wall to access the bathroom and he gives me these two drills and tells me to get on with it and he will be back the next day. Right.


I was so gatvol of this hanna hanna for a simple little job, I just drilled the hole and shut up. Anything to get this fracking geyser connected, man.IMG_6594

So, finally the shower works, and mighty fine it is too. Now we don’t have to go to Camp Quattro anymore and we can get some serious work finished, with the daily commute gone. Like finishing the shower, still lots of work.IMG_6575

One of the thing I have never bought is a workbench. I have always made them, but here my welding abilities are somewhat curtailed. IMG_6577

It comes in a giant box, a bit like a coffin, all packed with German efficiency. ( only two pieces were missing )IMG_6578

The thing costs 400EU and as is usual with these things, it also comes with an instruction manual. A tiny five page thingi that tells you squat. The photos are so small it is actually better to play ‘solve the puzzle’ than look at the booklet.


Anyway, I kinda know how this shit works so I assembled it halfway and press ganged it into work. I always had one workbench too little in St. Maarten, so now I got a general steel work workbench, a jewellery workbench and a gem cutting one. This addition will be where I will do non precious work, like steam punk, stained glass, and display work.

So now all I need is another workshop for wood work, welding work and reconditioning old motorbikes. Then I need a machine to duplicate me, so I can finish building all the shit that is in my head. Oh yeah, and a bucket full of time would also go down…..


We needed a room divider and the one’s that one can buy are freaking expensive. So I bought some white melamine board and some hinges and for under 80EU I made two in an hour.


I hate Ikea, but frack, how can one compete? This is a workshop cupboard the sells for 56EU. I mean, I cannot even buy half the wood for that price, never mind the hinges and catches and all. A science degree is helpful in assembly, though.

I look at all the people in Ikea buying all this kit stuff, and I wonder how much matrimonial strife is cause by the assembly process.

The spatial ability of the man versus the intuitive ability of the wife in the living room. A tremendous battle then ensued, and it was only when the  local handyman was called that a truce was reached…….


This is a box of normal fisher plugs. They go by the name ‘Barracuda” and the manufacturers go to great pains to explain how that name is derived.

So there you have it, all you fishermen. Don’t throw any small barracuda back into the water---they can also be used as wall plugs……………..

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