Monday, October 17, 2011

Japanese Day


Yesterday was Saturday, and normally there is quite a lot of foot traffic past the shop.

But this Saturday it was way over the top. I was working in the center of the showroom and there was this cloppity-clop of shoes  and just this stream of people walking past the semi closed windows.----- I mean like a mass of streaming people. I took a minute here and there during the day to time how many people were walking past our place. Extrapolated to about 4000 per hour on average.

After an internet search, it turns out it was Japanese day in Dusseldorf. Dusseldorf has got a lot of Japanese, like the third largest population in Europe, after London and Paris. It is the weirdest thing to see some obviously Japanese chicks speaking German to each other.--- You speak where you born…..right?IMG_6729

So after we finished our work we mellowed into the crowd to see what it was all about.

I don’t actually know what these people were doing there but from the outside it seemed to be like a Caucasian migration on the Serengeti plains of Dusseldorf. They were sort of just there just doing there things.

It being Japanese day, there was a strong Cos play theme amongst the youngsters.

I am visual on this one, since a lot of Steampunk goes along the same lines. ( everybody dresses up as Steampunk costumes and do steampunk stuff )--- Like everybody goes to a themed fancy dress sort of thing. They do this stuff big time in Nippon land.

Some Cos players were most pleasing to the eye. IMG_6717

I used to have a cage of lovebirds and in the winter they used to perch on their stick, all next to each other. Then they all used to chirp and bump and push each other.

This is the human equivalent……..IMG_6721

I actually took this picture for the chick with the Caribbean blue hair in the background. But the fore ground squint proved to be far more interesting and pretty.Bycicyle

This bicycle, decked out with angel wings-- and it had shiny crystal stones stuck over everywhere. Check the boots on the stand. Love the water bottle…. Seriously cute.


All out and about, and it was a beautiful coldish Saturday afternoon.IMG_6498

Lisette was cutting a little onion and she checked this heart shape….neat.

Women, they notice stuff like this.

Men, they don’t notice stuff like this


They notice shit like this.

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