Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Long Weekend.

So last Friday (30th), as we busy paying the plumbing guy, he sort of casually mentions that Monday is a public holiday in Germany.

AHA, so the electrician will definitely not come before Tuesday.

So we had to go to NL anyway to pick up our jewellery at the bank and we decided to get on with it there and then. Thing is that Mondays is not a good time to do business in Germany or NL, because most shops only open late or not at all. Something weird to do with working on Saturdays, I think.

Anyway so we went to the Hague on Sunday and visited our very good friends Steve and Lisette then on Monday we drove to Antwerp in Belgium from Holland. We  had ten or so kilo’s of silver and we sold it to the bullion dealer there . Reason is that silver is quite high now and I don’t think it will stay there. So we became part of the speculative capitalist pig society and sold when high.

Then from Antwerp we drove back to Dusseldorf and spent the night in Camp Quattro. With a bit of luck this should be our last night here, and another chapter starts in our lives. The last six months have been interesting, to say the least. Lots of experiences and interesting times.


I finished the back tiling on Saturday.IMG_6488

Round the back too. Saturday we worked from early morning to 9pm.No 39a

I also finished all the grouting in the shower and laid out the tiles in the shower floor. The reason there is an irregular pattern is because the walls are all very skew and this pattern tends to hide that. Today I clean up the grouting and hopefully our electrician will show up to connect the geyser up.IMG_6462

The sad state of my cabinet doors. We found a glass supplier who was willing to sell me an entire sheet. Apparently this is not usual, because no-one cuts their own glass, so he was sort of reluctant at first. Anyway, now that we have all our jewellery here in Dusseldorf I can fix all the cabinets and start showing some wares. I think we will be ready to open in about two weeks. It’s about time too. We have not earned a red cent in six months and Bill is not my uncle..IMG_6480

Really nice bike in the ‘street fighting’ style, parked next to Frankenfurter at our parking spot. Me also want.Cool Bike

Somewhat pretentious, what with GP1 written on it. But hey, good thing start with a small step, right?---- Me not want.

Hanging Coke

I strongly suspect that this Coke can committed suicide.Tow

Don’t kid yourself, the tow parasites live here as well. This guy actually broke into the car to open it and release the hand brake. The green dude is the local jungle bunny---sorry cop.

Here is an idea. All drivers, leave your telephone number displayed in your car. That way the green robbing hood can phone you and tell you to get your car away NOW. Any chance of that happening?

Never---they would not make any easy cash then, would they? Anyway, that what I do.Sign

They really take this ECO bullshit far here in Europe. Words like ‘green,eco,fair use, sustainable, earth are bandied around , and it makes all of us feel as if we do any good using this new green product. Much better to have less kids.Electrical 1

And speaking of green, there are these plots where the locals can grow veggies and stuff. This guy really does not want anyone on his plot.Electrical

He is also what could be described as a ‘creative’ electrician. Packing tape works well, right?

Needless to say, I did not touch it. He probably wired it up to the overhead  power cables….Brass-Band

The Dusseldorfers can blow them horns and pound them drums, people. The music/noise was something to behold and the vibe was very cool. Sort of local Saturday entertainment.

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