Saturday, October 15, 2011

Roller and Repairs.


I broke out the roller for installation. Is that the right way to say it? Like  ‘we broke out the guitars?’ Anyway, even the roller was broken. The plastic cover is cracked in half. –glue time…. But I wired and bolted the thing down on a dedicated piece of wood and it came through OK.IMG_6606

Roller stand affixed to the floor. This is a big advance because now I got a vice and I can modify things with the roller.IMG_6620

Onward with the repairs. They going to be a LOT of work. Especially because this cabinet was the first one I built and it was  ( at the time), all experimental. It is always after the first one that that which is a kak design becomes apparent. And this cabinet’s doors were a kak design, trust me. Anyway, so rather that haul out the sketch pad, I decided to follow my original footsteps and do it as I did it then. As in restore it.IMG_6638

The lead cane is all buckled and bent. So it has to be straightened out at first.IMG_6640

I use a 4mm rod and tap the side parallel first.IMG_6643

Then a gentle pull in the vice and bingo, she is good to go.IMG_6628

Part of my lousy design with the first display cabinet was that I drilled holes in the glass to hang the doors. This can turn pear-shaped quite quick, and the a large piece of glass becomes scrap. The next cabinet that I made used a frame for the glass door.IMG_6659

Tomorrow I solder this together, after the whole length of cane has been epoxied to the frame.IMG_6668

Then I set up a mini spray can station and redid the hinge system in gold lacquer. I have always had a hassle with gold spray paints, in that they aren’t gold coloured.I found a great colour spray here but it needed twelve million coats to get colour. So I pricked a hole in the can and then after a day or so after the gas is all gone, I cut the tin open and poured off the clear liquid and just painted with the gold powder residue. As I was painting, I kept on adding clear liquid, so it didn’t dry out. Worked a treat. Serious one coat coverage.IMG_6733

All the twirly bits are painted with a small brush. The picture doesn’t really show it but it is an intense gold colour.

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