Sunday, October 23, 2011

Shop Stuff


Relentless dude, relentless. Work, eat , sleep, shave, shower and shop building---The shop is all consuming.

But the bottom baseline has been set. Any project like this starts with your bottom line,—like finding and getting a place and all that.

Then as the shop is built, the basic bottom structure has to be put in place. Normally, this would be simple shop fitting. But is our case, we did some basic building infrastructure, and that was quite tricky sometimes.

And then there came the time when the basics were nearly done and the finer finishing could begin.



A shower curtain sucks. Literally, onto your body. I HATE that. Shower door fitted. Works lekker.Now all we got to do it make the place a little less utilitarian. In time.


The workshop is slowly organized.  I have the format fixed and now I install all the tools and machines.IMG_6804_thumb[1]

In the bottom of the picture are two two stage oxygen regulators  pictured. The blue one is a SA Afrox one and the other is a St Maarten/ American number. Neither are compatible with the local oxygen bottles as they were neither compatible with each other. So I ordered my third one.----- Sigh……….

I phoned the company and spoke German to them.

Ha ha,  that’s always funny, cause my German is not so good over the phone.

Face to face, not too bad, because hand gestures count for a lot of unknown words.

There was a sharp lady at the other end and in no time I had the part number.

And then she giggled as I put the phone down and I also burst out laughing. Because if anyone had spoken to me the way I spoke to her, I would have started laughing long before.

I really can mix up languages trying to get the point across.


I thought this very good. Diamond-filtrated---very cool. And the dude, the very last to wear diamonds.IMG_6686

The dart board had me fooled the first time, until I saw how high it was.

The smell there is unbelievable.

I stand inside Frankenfurter and throw the bags out.

Then I don’t even have to touch the floor of that place with my shoes.

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