Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Rolling Shutters.

In St Maarten we had rolling shutters, which we could control from the inside. This worked well because when the shutters were down, the jewellery in the window could stay there overnight.

If one has to take the jewellery out of the display and put it into the safe every night, it does ultimately get scratches or gets fingerprints on it. Then it has to go for cleaning and one can only clean and re-polish jewellery so many times before it starts looking second hand.

I do not sell second hand jewellery, because then my customers get unhappy and I go bankrupt and then I will have to live under a bridge for the rest of my life.

This is something I think Anne would not like.

I know this without consulting her.

Here we have no option like that, because of space constraints. A rolling shutter takes up too much space at the top of the window.

So I had to design something .IMG_6682_thumb1

There is another consideration here as well.

Not just satisfied to paint graffiti on walls and things, the kids also take to scratching their gang names into the glass.

This sign, when deciphered, means “ I am a piece of shit who has become bored with wanking”.

This happened to a vacant shop that we were interested in at one time. It is just around the corner.

Trust me on this one.

Graffiti like this fucks your window up. (and)

Scratches into the window like this are very expensive.

Since my window front displays are about to be built and also that they will be and integrated part of the window, making some form of protection at night had to come first.


I made some boards out of MDS and then edged them with aluminium U channeling.

Ok, it’s not a bullet proof design, but it is relatively light weight and also easy to put up every night.


Painted them a graphite grey.IMG_6842

So this is what the shop will look like from the outside during the night. What I am going to do eventually is use them for pictures of jewellery that I make.

I kind of like the idea of three or four big picture of my favorite rings stuck up there.

Passive advertising, sort of.

It they get graffiti-ed, no train accident really. Just paint them over.


They fit into a U channel in the bottom and get locked at the top, so they can’t be removed.



The local council has got a nice little extortion racket going outside. Here they about to tow this dudes Merc.

Check out the spunky blond traffic cop. Sort of like a state employed Taylor Momsen.

Ha, this time her looks didn’t get her far.

The dude had some fancy papers and they had to let the guy go. Probably a doctor or a jeweller or a gem cutter or something important  like that.

He had a extremely smug and  self-satisfied grin on his face as he drove off.--- Sort of the facial equivalent of the middle finger.

Made my day, that look……….


Don’t be fooled. All it is, is state sponsored car theft. This guy in the clown costume gets out a long rod and then busts a car open by first forcing the door open at the top with a crowbar. Then he sticks the long rod inside and opens the door from the inside with the door handle. Must fuck the paintwork up pretty good. But hey, the government pays, so what does he care.


Like I said before, relentless work . Here Anne is laying down the background for sponging the wall. She is pretty good with this technique.


Nearly finished. Just to neaten up the edges.


And the repairs go on.  This cabinet had every piece of glass in it broken.

The reason was that when the genius local driver came to fetch the container in St. Maarten, the hitch would not work properly. So after he and his buddies used larger and larger objects to hit it in position, ( no kidding)  and they got it hooked up after about an hour. Then he made sure that all was good by driving forward and hitting and emergency stop at about 10k’s.

Shit man, the noise that came out of the container on the back was virtually visible. Certainly in the minds eye.


Fixed and ready to be decorated. I made the top into 3 pieces, because those were the off cuts I had. I have been doing quite a lot of glass cutting as of late, and what really made my eyebrows go up, was that before I could find my ‘main’ glass cutters, I bought a cheepo 10 buck thingi with 6 blades on a nut.


And I swear the cheepo cuts far better and smoother than the expensive one. Like seventy bucks to ten and at ten you get five more wheels. So it’s like it might be blunt so lets align another one. Who cares how much they cost?.Leaf-study

This picture was taken at the height of summer in a parking lot near camp Quattro. Sensitive dude, sensitive…………

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