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Another cabinet being repaired. The lights I use for my cabinets are Quartz Halide lights. They produce a lot of light without heat, but they come with a stiff price. Problem with these is that they were bought in America, so they are 110 volts. So I ordered some transformers from Amazon.

It is very cool to be able to order from Amazon in Deutschland. In St. Maarten, it would cost about $50 per parcel to get it there. And American Amazon had the delightful habit of splitting your order into five parcels, so sometimes the transport costs were much more than the actual goods.

Here, they get delivered free, or the costs are 5 bucks. What a pleasure.


The Ongoing Internet Saga.

It’s like this.  In Europe everything works, because , well, it’s run by sharp people, right?

Not always.

We have been trying for eight  weeks to get internet connection and to date we still have none.

Other than the above mentioned Amazon deliveries, Germany is very, very behind when it comes to service delivery .

In fact both NL and Germany suck when it comes to ordering anything.

I am used to the American way of doing things.


“ Hi I am wanting a USB cable. Do you have one in stock?”

“No sir , but I can have one delivered to your business in under a day.”

Next day it’s there.


Hi, I am wanting to buy a USB cable . Do you have one in stock ?”


“Can you get me one, please ?”

“ You vill have to conzult my colleague over at ze uzzer counter”.

Trudge down.------ Wait in new queue.

“Hi I am wanting to buy a USB cable and your colleague over there said you could help me.”

“Vat do you vant it for?”

Clench teeth and speak slowly and clearly.

“Hi I am wanting to buy a USB cable and your colleague over there said you could help me.”

“You vill haff to go to der ordering department.”

“Where is that?”

“Round der corner two blocks down---and it vill take two veeks.”


So the only internet we have is via a USB Dongle, at 5 EU per day. That’s kinda pricey…and we are nowhere nearer to getting a connection installed…………… unbelievable.

The Telkom technician said he came twice. The first time he said we were not there.--------- He lies, we were there the whole fracking day working, trust me.

The second time he said  the doorbell didn’t work.

Fuck off dude, it works.

Then and now too.

In fact, the fracking thing was used on the main door to the baby giraffe section on Noah's Ark and it still is working  perfectly.

Next  thing, the said company wants to charge us 50EU for missed appointment fees because we weren’t there.

I have heard about this type of practice. A company charges for what they perceive to be your fault ( for not being there, for instance) and then sends you an ambush invoice. They have not actually DONE anything.

Anne and I howled like stuck pigs and the invoice was cancelled promptly. Born yesterday and all that.

So after many unanswered emails and more that twenty messages left on an answering service, we are now climbing into Frankenfurter and we going to pitch up at their ‘headquarters’.

We will see what happens.


So we pitched up at the  company offices and the guy nearly poeped himself.  This obviously had never happened to him before. Anyway, we got him to send the right instructions to his principles after it became apparent he has done sweet frackall to date. And we made him print out the email and give it to us.

Saffa and all that.

Four Days Later

And then yesterday the techie pitches to do the installation.

Nope, no go, because now he needs written permission to drill a hole in the building for the cable.

A 10mm hole,---- fracking written permission.

I just said “Dude, don’t worry,don’t worry, I’ll drill the hole on Monday”


So tomorrow I will phone up the housemeister and tell him to expect some noise.

I know how to drill holes in buildings.


Occupy Wall street. The mind boggles. Imagine this motley crowd of  geniuses in charge…….IMG_6958

These heaters work off gas and it is very weird to see them outside just heating up everything.IMG_6962

We went for walkies around Altstadt yesterday, drank lots of Portuguese wine , ate a fat Argentinian fillet and generally got slightly very wasted.

One 300 gram steak with baked potatoes and a pepper sauce for me and Anne had a paella dish and we washed it all down with a liter of wine.

All for 61EU which is A LOT cheaper than in St.Maarten.

The nice part is that it is all within walking distance, so no sweat driving back. New one for us, that.IMG_6963

But the smoke does get into the craw somewhat.

Like I have said before, Germans smoke a lot and everywhere. We were surrounded by smokers and it does interfere slightly with the flavor of the  pepper sauce on your steak. Still, we had a great graze.IMG_6956

Autumn, and a gas street light. You can see the little pilot glow in the center to light the light later.IMG_6951

There are indeed some nice colours around at the moment.IMG_6972

I love photographing wacked bikes.

Wacked you say?IMG_6973

Yep, wacked.  One real vinyl stitched tank cover. Sort of the modern equivalent of fur on the dashboard.

Radical man, radical……..

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