Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Drill Job.

After the housmeister had opened up the basement, I took  my trusty ol’  hammer drill and started drilling into the concrete below us .

But ol’ trusty did not prove up to the job, and started smelling of burnt electrical things. He has been ailing of late, and rather than kill him with overwork, we decided to go to Bauhaus and rent a drill that can do the job easily.

And anyway, my longest drill is only 300mm long and I saw the plumber use a 450mm one, so I strongly suspected a lack of inches was going to give penetration problems…….as a lack of length is wont to do………IMG_7009

At Bauhaus, the dude wanted our passports before we were allowed to hire this drill. That would mean another trip back to fetch them, but luckily the other dudes there recognized us and said we were OK. Whew, that saved a few hours.

We got back an hour later----Ha, the right tool for the job or what . It took just 3 minutes to go through the floor, bang on target.

Hardware stores? Anne and I go on romantic dates there…..and everybody greets us…it’s so nice to be popular………..ha ha

We went straight back to buy the other stuff and get working.

All was finished by five hours and now the techie’s company says he will pitch on Monday between 11 am and 4pm.

It’s cool dude, the hole is there, drilled, ready wet and waiting for your, aah, cable. 


Tomorrow we go to Antwerp for business.

We leave here at nine and we should be back by four.

We also swing into NL because she wants to go to a Dutch supermarket where one can obtain stuff called unobtainium that is not available  here in German supermarkets.

It’s  a woman thing, that.UV damage

I am reusing some of the wood that was used in the St. Maarten cabinets and just to show what 6 years of UV exposure can do to wood. It is amazing how damaging UV is. Any white plastic also goes yellow.IMG_6865

South African, American and German regulators. These are the founding members of the International Society of Gas Regulators. The society's aim is to fit them into politicians and traffic cops…

( Hans, shut up ---Ed)IMG_7015

Fourteen pages. Complete with highlighted sections.

This is when one buys Methanol here.

As in Methyl alcohol—as in methylated spirits that we used to buy to have Fondues and such things.

The stuff I have used all my life to clean gemstones.

Frack, what happened?


Aha, I see.-- I can’t wait to buy Nitric acid.

Watch this space…..


Anyway, I put up the St. Maarten maps cabinet and my spider stained glass light. Now I got to make some Dusseldorf/Germany/ Skyline pendants.

Looking forward to that, and it can’t come to soon.

I am a bit burnt out drilling and lifting and tiling and stuff.


Anne hung the curtains. It softens the entrance nicely.IMG_6992

Arty farty finials.IMG_6993

I still need to put on caps.IMG_6969

These are the windows of our favorite coffee shop. ( As in real coffee)

I don’t think this is vandalism. Looks rather like someone stepped on some ones toes or an disgruntled employee perhaps.

Four windows with a hammer equals expensive shit.

Maybe I can sell him my window covers?IMG_6952

Bad karma man.

One of those hits you and it gives a new meaning to terminal velocity.

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