Monday, November 21, 2011

Making a Sign and a Light.


I had to make a Open sign. We angsted about it for a while and then we decided on Offenung. Every shop has got one on account the doors are always closed.

So Anne printed the letters out according the size I wanted. Then I cut them out of thin copper sheeting. I used the paper as a template.


After I have cut them out with a pair of scissors I fuse the edges with my little torch and while the letter is hot, I quench it to get the colours.

Sometimes I heat and quench several times until I get a colour I like.


Then I glue them to a piece of clear glass that I have copper foiled and drilled holes into and hang it on my door frame. Bingo, done.


The center of the shop was found wanting of light. What we discovered was that even though the jewellery was lit up well, there was a dark area in the center of the shop.

So when the jewellery was shown at the desk, it needed more light.IMG_7353

I cut two pieces of scrap wood.IMG_7356

And then I filed them and drilled holes in them and then I lay them out on thin copper sheetingIMG_7362

After I cut it out and heated it with my big torch, I started to fold it over the wood.IMG_7385

And then after it is folded over and nailed down, I used my Little Torch on very hot flame to cut the copper close to the edge.

Then I paint the white part and some of the black burnt stuff with gold paint. I like the texture one gets even though the workshop did smell for a while.IMG_7378

I like the wrinkle effect. I accent that with the two hammers shown. Still work on the floor. Residual hippyness, I think.


Like this. Then I melted through the center of the hole.IMG_7395

I made the light holders and I sprayed them black. I used quartz halogen lights and the holders are made of  a ceramic material . Still, they are only little bright burning heaters, but the light quality when there is sufficient wattage is the best there is. 50 watts per gives 200 watts total.


Then I bent some brass over the light fittings and attached the electrical wires on the top so it can’t be seen from the bottom..

From there the wires needed to go to the top of where the light would be hung.IMG_7410

So I used brass tubing to hang and conduit the electrical wire up. The first tube shows the top and bottom holes where the electrical wire is threaded through.IMG_7411

I love making lights.----- And the best time is just before light up time….IMG_7412


We went walkies yesterday.

It was weird.

The sunlight quality suggests that it is about seven in the morning on a fresh autumn day in S.A.

There is this cool quality about the air that suggests a warm day to come.

But it’s not.

It is two in the arvie and people are having lunch and drinking wine and stuff.IMG_7424

Crisp clear morning/arvie.

Check out the angle of the shadows at two ‘o clock.IMG_7421

Trick stuff.

An electrically powered mountain bike thingi… The cables in the front look like they could get caught on shit though….

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