Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Marktplatz.

The other morning we had to go and buy a Christmas tree. Or more precisely, Anne wanted to go and buy a Xmas tree and I was there to carry it back.


Precision Anne. It had to be just THAT high. ha ha IMG_7550

The Christmas tree, 500.635 millimeters high.

I haven’t had a Xmas tree in 43 years. That could possibly be because I think that Xmas is a piece of shit, really. Except if you under ten years of age, of course.IMG_7524

The market round the corner does not think so and there are indeed some nice displays out.IMG_7526

Click on the pictures to see the full size.IMG_7527





Even a colour for the terminally depressed.IMG_7529

Quiz—which colour eggs are the most popular?IMG_7537

Now as I have said before, there is always a stand that make the most money. IMG_7538

And this is it.

These dudes sell out all their goods every single day. Dang, I wish I could sell all my jewellery I own every day. Imagine making things that are guaranteed to sell.Robot-go

It’s very easy to confuse me.

So to save face and obey the sign, I pulled up the handbrake and then I went around the corner.

That way only two tires were turning.

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