Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shelves and Marches.



I have made several different designs for the front window displays. And every time I was not happy. This one  is a shape cut out of 4mm glass and lead foiled. The supports are also cut out of glass and here I am gluing them on. The transformer is just being used as a support. I rejected this one. Too icky.IMG_7016

Eventually I bought some shelving brackets and modified them and sprayed them gold.

I thought that using the nanny warnings for the methanol I bought was most appropriate a a overspray guard.


The original bracket before mods. This attempt has lead came ( lead profile) on the edges which I will blacken once the shelf is installed.


I have made many displays in this fashion from Zim and Botswana but even so, it still is a bit tricky to get everything aligned and straight. But once the silicone glue is set, they are very strong.IMG_7110

I use a piece of double sided tape to which a small offcut of glass is stuck to stop the display from sinking. And then a scalpel blade to cut away the excess once it is dry.IMG_7115

Cleaned up.  The next window gets three of them but I have run out of lead came. So I will see if I can make some more.


You know you in NL when everything is flat and tidy…….


Look, let me step on some toes. The Dutch could be described as thrifty by a kind person, or be described as tight fisted by some one unkind. But their whole mindset is about saving. As soon as you cross into NL the radio adverts change to saving bank adds.

Then the announcer will say something like, “ Enter this competition and you will win FIVE EURO!!!”

Not 50,000EU.

Five.----- For crying in a bucket.

I don’t even return the trolleys for five euro.

A five euro prize?--- Only in NLIMG_7024

Another thing in Dutch land. You pay to park at  a shopping center. To go shop. To spend your hard won money, the shops make you pay. Not even covered. So you rain wet . And it pisses a lot there.

 And give you a fine if you late.

I get this distinct shafted feeling there.


Last Saturday Steve and Lisette came to visit. And then we got up to our usual bag of tricks. And impromptu lunch, compliments of the local market around the corner. It’s like having a hotel kitchen at your disposal.


While we were having lunch another larger crowd of Lost in the World Occupiers tramped past on their aimless  journey to nowhere.


Followed by enough cops to stop the Somali pirates in their tracks.IMG_7048

There is something dark about a blond with a sidearm and handcuffs.

Sort of like Flint Stinkwood saying “Make my day”police

Respectfully, the Saffa’s are found wanting………………………..Like RUN !!

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