Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Schpeckles, The New Dude.

Slowly, push comes to shove, as they say.

Soon, there will come a time that all the systems are in place and all the lights lighted and I have no more excuse not to make jewellery-----

There come a time when the shop opens.

This is just around the corner, but still with the most intensive work ahead.

Namely, checking the jewellery to see that it is one hundred percent..

But the big thingi of opening a new shop  in a new city and in a new country is as to whether the jewellery will sell.

And also as to whether you will attract work.

It's a clean slate, as it were.

Not one local customer and the sum total of known Dusseldorfers standing  at about   . 00001%.

From a goldsmiths point of view, and that includes Anne,  all you doing is you putting your stuff out in a shop , making the shop cool as you can,  and  see what happens.

Then, if nothing does happen ( as in selling ), you shift your design to what you perceive will sell. ( like as in local imagery). Preferably before you go bankrupt.

And then from a design point, when something does sell, I always then replicate it and make two or three derivatives, similar but not the same.

Then I see how they sell. And this is then repeated.

But the first jewellery design that is going to be made will be in the shape of  Dusseldorf and all that map stuff.


The art of hiding things. I made this brass fused ‘stem’ to hide the electrical cable and it kinda goes with the lamp design.IMG_7271

I now own two Imahashi’s. ( thanks Mehoose, you just great all over:)----My old hand piece that has cut  thousands of stones is the bottom one. And even though the ‘new’ one is the same model, it was only a hobbyist’s and I estimate it might have cut only 100 or so stones. So even though the design is more than thirty five years old,  it’s actually brand new to me. I can’t wait to start cutting and carving again.

Just as soon as this little irritation of opening the shop is over—ha ha……..


Moments after arriving.

Our latest edition to the workshop. All of four months old.

He’s all dazed and confused from the ignominy of being put in a box and then a somewhat sparse bird mansion.


He has a nice bright look and also is a very calm bird. This is not always the case with Nymphensittich, as cockatiels are called in Germany. .

Try say that five times quick,--- Nymphensittich.

The best way to pronounce it  in English is Nymfen zitish---. IMG_7285

His name is Schpeckles.

That is the German version of Speckles.

He is after all, a German bird.

Buying him was serious mission stuff.

Germany does not really have pet shops like  in America.

When we finally found one, and before we actually handed over cash for lil’ ol’ Schpeckles, we were first asked all our particulars, like our street address, ID, telephone, DNA sample, family history, fathers ashes, grandmother's fingerprints, and the route our ancestors took out of Africa.

The bird is ringed and this was carefully entered into the database.

I fully expect to be visited by an inspector from the department of internal confusion soon.

Then we were given all kinds of stern lectures of the dangers of this and how careful we must be of  that, and so on and so on. Actually, I got sort of guilty.--- Like,--- AM I GOOD ENOUGH?

Eye rolling stuff, I tell you.

Even though it all means well, and I am happy with that.

Anyway, he is installed and happy and I’ll have him tame in a week or so.

Calm birds tame up easy. This is a big plus.


The Internet Saga Continues.

You didn’t really think that our internet troubles were over did you?

I mean just because I had to drill holes and stuff does not give me any street cred whatsoever.

So first the IDSL machine came. Did not work.

Then the analog machine came. Did not work.

Then the DSN machine came. Still did not work.IMG_7291

Here we have a picture of a herd of feeding credit card machines. Each a little more useless than the next. We have had three technicians out totaling about eight hours of checking.

Fuck all works.

The bank dude, who is an IT kind of guy, has never seen this happen.

And all the while, the frikkin service provider wants to charge us a fee for every time the technicians come out.

Like they sign you for a service that does not work and then they want to charge you for fixing it. ----Sigh.

Anyway, tomorrow another technician is coming out and then we will see. In the meantime we can’t really open because when the tech is here we can’t work, so we sort of a bit behind.


They got these giant horses that pull this booze type cart for tourists.

Me, I stay well away from things like this.

Check those big hooves. A kick from one of those and trust me, your IQ goes up twenty points.—like lesson no 1 ,-- don’t stand behind them.


Check the beer cask inside.

And the number plate and tail lights.

Ha ha, love it…….

If you pull the reigns, do the brake lights come on?

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