Friday, December 23, 2011

First Pendants and General stuff

I’m kind of ticked off with Blogger. For some reason I don’t get any notification of comments anymore, so apologies for only publishing them now.

Mike, the glue/resin I used for the Dino War Machine case I bought in Germany. Your best bet is in the USA. They make various different grades and they are an approachable bunch.

I use Live Writer as my publishing platform, and a lot of folk have said that they have trouble to see the pictures properly, so I am, in this post, keeping them small, but clickable for those who want to see up my dress  bigger ones…. Just kidding……I don’t own any dresses, except for my Barbie doll collection.

Anyway, the shop is open and we have had some interest but as with any new business it will take time. The race is now to see how high on the graph the remaining capital intersects  the incoming money.


This is my first of a ‘Dusseldorf’ series. This is the skyline as seen from the river.  Titanium background and 18ct white and yellow gold,about 50mm high. I’m keeping them relatively simple for now, just to test the populace, so to speak.


Here is one of Dusseldorf in yellow gold and the river in white.


And a dove pendant that was ordered from folk in New  York.


Three beautiful babes in my shop.  Stephanie (left) is a friend from Botswana who lives in Australia  and she came round for a couple of days a- visiting. It was great to see her again after some eight years. Then Lisette and then Anne. (Just so you know)


Cold white shit.

Our first snow. Nothing like rain though. It sneaks up on you silently, and when you look outside—Bang! –it’s caught you. First time in my life I have had to do with snow near Xmas. Always been in the southern hemisphere. And speaking of hemispheres, yesterday was winter solstice, but I am not holding my breath for anything getting warmer soon………………..

Today is the last day of the Xmas market so Anne and I are going to get pissed imbibe some of that red wine Feuerzan what ever stuff.l that I posted about a couple of post ago.  I just call it Shangri-La and be done with it. Puts you in La- la land anyway.

German has got some convoluted words. Like the longest one, Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän   which means--- Danube steamship company captain, at 41 letters.

I’m sure all the kids walk out of language class dazed and confused everyday.  I really must try find out how the kids use twitter here.----It’s like  “ I’ll see you in an hour Fritz. I just got to finish typing this last word”


I might rib Germans about their language, but when it comes to getting a job done, there are no better. They needed to fix this corner, because, as one of the dudes told me, this road in old times was a water channel and so the sand still moves over time and after a while the cobble stones get removed and bitumen is put on top. This was in the morning.


By mid morning they are ready to lay the final layer on. A whole fracking corner nearly done.


Germans like their coffee so they bring a spare jug or two.IMG_7589

Daylight? Who needs that?IMG_7599

Job finished at five that day. Neat.Goose

Anyway, all of you are ordered to have a cool Xmas.Correct.

With the appropriate outgoing salute.

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