Saturday, December 31, 2011

Glass Wobbler.


Even though I want everything on this motor to be glass, I did have a  chipped smoky quartz that I trimmed to the right circumference of the tube. I just thought that it would be cool to try.

I mean, how many time have you seen a motor with a faceted quartz piston?

But alas, it proved to be a bad idea.

Quartz does not seem to slide easily on glass, but that could also be to a lack of precision because even the glass tube inside is not utterly round, and where I suspect metal will be more forgiving, glass and quartz are not even a little bit.

Chip factories galore.IMG_8062

Worlds classiest piston. I had to carve the conrod on my hanging motor.IMG_8061

Does look cool though………IMG_8067

Here is the raw glass piston being attached using the UV resin as a glue. I am still going to do many more tests as to the application of this glue for gem cutting.

With this one I was deliberately slack. I did not clean the dop, nor the glass and I just dumped it on without much care. I didn’t worry me if it broke off, unlike gemstone would. Anyway it stayed on just fine. Now with UV light, some natural gemstones will be opaque to uv and/or sensitive to it, so it is going to be a whole new tutorial coming.IMG_8069

So I recut the piston out of 6mm thick glass and after polishing it slid smoothly in the cylinder. This is the Imahashi, just, just being able to handle an eight inch lap.

Making this motor was more finicky than the one on the previous post.  Glass on glass can judder easy so then I carve the bearing surfaces convex. This leaves a smaller point of contact and they run easier.

I am very chuffed that this one ran. The big problem is that most wobblers have somewhere a spring or some screws as part of their construction . This is not within my capabilities to make out of glass, so before parts are joined, one has to very careful that is is all perfectly fitted. Or it goes back to the beginning. And I made quite a few parts two or three time for this machine.

Glass Wobbler

This will be my last glass motor.

The next project is to make one out of gem material. I want to use jade, garnet, quartz and aquamarine. And I want to facet all the parts, so it will be quite a lot of work.

While I was working on this project,I had quite a weird thing happen.


I use a 200 watt incandescent bulb above my machine.  The next thing BANG, and the bulb exploded. I nearly wet my pants. And I was so lucky that my face was not close to the bulb, like I normally work.

A glass bulb exploding two inches from your eyes can really fuck your weekend life up.

So I took a brand new one and not an hour later…BANG, the second one exploded.

Dude.---   Chinese crap bought in St Maarten. I threw all my spare bulb of this make away.

So now I use Osram.

They  don’t try to kill their owners.

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