Monday, December 5, 2011

Skiing, a New Machine and Trouble with the Dino War Machine


They do weird things here. Dusseldorf imports a pile of snow and then lay out a track to ski on.


They take it serious too. IMG_7656

Kind of cold and wet weather. That don’t stop no-one round these parts.

Personally, I prefer my warm workshop on a Saturday afternoon.


Not that I actually had much choice. I had to be in my workshop most of the week fixing this gigantic fuckup.

I made three brass shelving brackets and glued them on the window. Note the picture has only 2 left on.


Then the next day I put my Dino War Machine out on the shelf. I was going to test the shelf first by putting a heavy weight on it first, but I got impatient to see what it would look like.


That proved to be a rather large mistake.IMG_7512

The glass box was completely destroyed.IMG_7509

Luckily my Dino War Machine suffered no damage. Quite amazing actually. The piece has about 230 hours of work in it so I was really not wanting to put more hours in. But the entire box had to be remade.


Trust me, retrofitting a case like this is a lot of schlepp work. For a long time I have been unhappy with the glues available to glue glass with.  So after a bit of research I came across a glue/resin that hardens with ultraviolet light in a few minutes.

It work like a charm. Here I am hardening a side with a cheepo black light bulb. Not the best light, but adequate for the purpose. It is the same stuff that Swarovski use to glue their together glass with.

IMG_7644 small

I had to make a completely new brass frame for the box, and that took to most of last week. Work like this is just that—a fracking lot of work.

IMG_7646 small

After everything had been sanded down and brush finished in needs a protective anti tarnish coat of urethane.IMG_7668

But fear not, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Dino War Machine walks the world again.

Fighting corruption, traffic cops, nasty dentists and putting politicians in jail.


Just watch out.--- He will find you.IMG_7622

Anyway, while I was working the Dino brass, I also made a little steam machine as a test model for one I want to make out of glass this month.Machine 1

You see, all of this started with a glass blower that has a stall here in the Xmas market.

For a while now, I have wanted to make a machine similar to this out of glass.

But my glass blowing abilities are not as good as my other blowing capabilities.

So I made this one out of brass so I could show him physically how it works and I went and showed him last Friday.

So come Wednesday, he will bring me (to sell) all the necessary tubing to attempt this project. ( I hope )

Turns out he is Dutch, so the lingo went much easier. I was a bit worried, because technical terms are still difficult for me in German. That’s why I built the model in the first place.

Check it clacking along slowly on You Tube.  Just running on compressed air.

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