Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Boat Show.

I don’t particularly like boats. And in St Maarten we saw enough boats and yachts to last a lifetime.

But some buddies of us from Saba were exhibiting  at the show. They own a diving outfit, so they come every year to the boat show and Anne and I went to see them there.IMG_8621It’s big.

This is only one of some 13 halls, with every conceivable thing to do with sea, diving, boats you name it, its there.IMG_8572

Wolfgang and Barbara's stand. We had a nice chat with them, but Anne and I know not to stay to long, because time is money when you exhibit so after 15 minutes we said goodbye.

We will connect later this week again.IMG_8584Boys toysIMG_8589They don’t even have any price tags on, the cheek of it.IMG_8585I quite like this idea, his and hers.IMG_8587Making the boats look ugly in comparison.IMG_8592Question: What’s the last thing that goes through your mind when you see this coming at you?

Answer: The keel.IMG_8599There was some nice nautical themed art on show as well.IMG_8614

I really liked this mirror, cheap at 2300 EU.IMG_8620Serious engine.IMG_8606

And then I saw a stand that sold a collection of weird reconditioned things like aircraft engines and giant chromed anchors and this bike.

A 1952 Vincent Black Shadow.IMG_8607Frack, I had never seen one up close before.

The stand was manned by snooty staff that looked at all the common weasels ogling outside as just that—vermin.

But I can grow rhino skin in nano second.

So I asked if the would mind If I entered their domain and after they managed to uncurl their lips, I cracked a nod.IMG_8610Ha, I took photo's too, and I could feel the heat of their eyes in my back, singeing my spine and cooking my bone marrow.IMG_8613Classic dude.

And then to compound my common heritage and low stature, I had the absolute bloody cheek to ask the price. You ready?--- Sitting down? ------ 114,000 EU.

For a British motorbike?

Yep, it is about the right price too.

Gem-Wobbler-2Anyway, here is a motor of which there is only one in this fair world. Gem-WobblerBottom left of the picture is a silver pipe that is the intake and the top pipe it the outlet. Even though I wanted to have everything made of stone, I decided on silver. Stone would just be too weak.


Here is another video on my you tube account of it running, without my hands this time.
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