Saturday, January 14, 2012

Futheration of the Gem Steam Machine.


The biggest mission so far has been to make the flywheel of the gem steam machine.

First I tried larimar and that broke after sawing, and then I tried a layered sedimentary stone I know not the name of and that broke after shaping round.----Fuuuuuuu ----two days work gone….

Then I cut a slice of jet and so far it is behaving.

To get it  true, I turned an aluminium shaft on my lathe that threads through the center, and then using my swage block as a support, I made it round.

Sort of primitive gem cutting style, but it worked surprisingly well.


Anyway, here is a pic of the overall progress.


I made another washer out of blue lace agate  to space the flywheel from the beam support. But the big problem with this project so far is that everything that has been put together, has to be able to be taken apart.  And since the flywheel will be sandwiched in between another yet to be made support on the top right side of the picture, there is no way that the flywheel can be affixed to the smoky quartz shaft permanently.


So I carved and ground a woodruff key out of stone, which then locks the flywheel on the quartz shaft and allows it to be removed as well afterwards.

I broached the quartz shaft  with a diamond bur and then then I made the key out of nephrite, so that it fits snugly into the slot of the quartz shaft.Woodruff-1

Here the piece of nephrite is slotted into the quartz , about 2mm deep. The blue lace agate washer is there to distance the flywheel from the beam support.Woodruff-2

The three components.IMG_8442

Sliding in.


Meantime, my boss was watching me all the time.

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