Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Gem Steam Machine Runs.

It actually fracking worked.

Like in running from the word go.

I just tacked everything together before I take it all apart and bond it with Hxtal.

That takes five days to harden per join, and there is no ways to separate the parts without breaking them.

So I thought it prudent to see  if the machine would actually work.

Base and cross support is made out of Nephrite jade from Canada, given to me by John and Shar Huumonen--  Thanks people, without that gift, this would not have been possible.

The cylinder is made out of Brazilian quartz. The top is closed with Australian chryoprase and Zimbabwean aquamarine.

The piston is made out of South African sugalite from the western Cape and the conrod and upright supports are made out of  Red jasper from Pilgrims rest in the Eastern Transvaal, SA. ( that’s where I found it) The front upright is also made from Lapis lazuli from Afghanistan. ( That is where the air runs through.)

The flywheel is made out of black Chalcedony, and the two shafts from Smoky quartz and Rose quartz  from Namibia.

The crank is made out of a lamination of Sugalite and Chrysoprase.

The three washers are made out of clear quartz, blue lace agate and pink Botswana agate.

I’ll do some more pictures once I is completely finished, and a proper video--- with out my delicate ballerina like hands showing. ha ha.

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