Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Miniature Steam Wobbler.


This is my latest steam engine. I used the EU 50 cents as a base and also as the flywheel.

Check the little piston.Mini-Wobbler

The piston is just under 3mm wide and it has a stroke of 8mm.

Kind of handy that the coins are made out of brass.Mini-Wobbler-1

It was quite tricky to get it to actually run

I had to make several flywheels until I got the ratio of size and weight correct.Mini-Wobbler-2

So now I know I can get this size running. The next one I am going to make half this size again.

All this is leading up to my next gemstone machine.

This one is going to be ultra small and I am going to facet all the components out of cubic zirconia.

Making a brass machine is easy compared to one in stone.

So I want a clear handle of what to do before I start faceting.

Mini Steam Oscillator.

Cutsie pie. She runs on quite a high pressure.


This is true Sandra.--- As Anne also pointed out to me, the larger one is actually hers. So it would be hers and his.

It is good to be a metro male!

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