Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh Me, Oh My


It became apparent to me that Lapis lazuli might not be the best material to construct the uprights with. I was indeed going to add another piece of stone to them but that obviously is not necessary now.

No matter, I have nearly finished new ones made of jasper.


And, as I was trimming off the Rose Quartz pivot, it snapped off. This was because I was trimming it on a worn 1200 lap, and it set up a high pitched squeal for one nano second. The sound propagated up the quartz rod and shattered it at the end.

This is not the first time this has happened to me.

A couple of years ago, I carved a ring out of solid quartz. It was completely finished, except for the top which I wanted to be flat with facets on the side. I mounted the whole ring in my Imahashi gem cutting machine and cut all the facets. As I started polishing the top of the ring, is set up a squeal and BANG!, the whole ring exploded into millions of little pieces. They were scattered all over the workshop. Anne  looked at me with wide eyes and said,   “ Well, that’s fucked”

So I drilled out the remaining piece and re attached the rod again, which proves my theory that it is far easier to cut something smaller than bigger. I love being vindicated.

Anyway, the steam machine is still trundling to completion. I expect to have a few more things break before it is finished. The big thing is to drill the intake and outlet holes. Those two holes, if they drilled incorrectly, would cause a restart.


Old Arnold has a light coating of ice on him. Everybody says it is an utterly mild winter so far.  Right, ask Arnold.Frozen

Puddles of ice.IMG_8466WinterIMG_5041Summer, same place. Taken earlier last year of course.

IMG_8467This is what it looks like

Cold-and-stark-1And this is what it feels like.  I can understand why the Germans drink Schnapps and gluh wine .

An ice cold beer just does not cut it.

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