Friday, February 17, 2012

Carnival Time, Dusseldorf Style

Every year this time it is carnival time. I don’t have the faintest idea what the celebration is but the people take it quite serious.IMG_9320

This is the town square and there are thousands of people, all milling around aimlessly.

Germans do everything standing.

They stand and eat.

They stand and drink.

They stand and talk

They stand and stand and stand.

Wierdest thing ever.IMG_9293

This is the local Dusseldorf hard rock duo.

All the music in Oompha traditional stuff.

Just marginally better than Rap music.IMG_9299

They take their dressing up seriously, everybody had got some costume of sorts on.IMG_9303

Trust  me, this lot were well oiled at three in the afternoon.

Swinging to oompa music.IMG_9313

In fact, most people were fucked drunk. This guy has two containers of beer on his back. They were running very low at the time.


This guy had a cool hairstyle. The effort that goes into some of the costumes is amazing.IMG_9317

Like our NASA astronaut's, who were slightly over the flying limit.IMG_9328

There was a guy who got lucky later that night.

One had to be very careful while walking, because many people found the road tilted in all directions at once.


The themed look is very in. Check the gut on the right of the picture. Don’t ask, but it has something to do with alcohol.


There is a very good reason why I stay stone cold sober at events like these. The piss house queue. You got to figure how many people are knyping in agony, waiting .


There is of course and alternative to the toilet. I’m sure the restaurant owner must be charmed.


And of course, there is the ‘dronk verdriet’ factor. Drunken tears, for the English readers.

This number was howling up a storm of tears.


As was this one. Check the angle of the feet---  ha ha IMG_9341

And then when we came back some little fuckwit had tagged our boards  that we put up so to protect our windows.

One day I am going to catch one and he will pay for all the others as well. Promise

I also took our sign down for the weekend. It seemed like a good idea then and still is now.

I’ll put it back up on Tuesday when everybody is sober again.

Right now, I have a board to paint.

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