Saturday, February 11, 2012

It’s (F)etching cold.

It is fracking cold here.

We had to drive past the place we camped in the summer while we setting up the shop, and we took some time to go check the lake thingi out.


The frickin’ thing was frozen out, 200mm of ice on the top, we were told.


I don’t want to suggest anything, but here is me walking on water. ha ha.

Check the beanie.

Believe me your ears and schnozz freeze big time.IMG_9120

Snow, ice and dead trees.

And the sun was shining too, all of –9 degrees.

What fun,---- bikini time baby.

Actually, it has a beauty all of it’s own.

IMG_9123More pretty pictures.

Click on them to see them bigger.


And there, on the ice, was this stone,  frozen stone cold.

And this  piece of dead wood.

There is a  plant is growing on it.

Tough,  with an attitude.

The kind of attitude that makes big trees.


A piece of ice on ice on the layer of snow, with skate tracks going past, on a journey of their own.

Pale sunlight.

The ice told me it was looking for my whiskey glass.

Alas, I had no whiskey.



I been doing some brass etching lately, and of course, one of my favorite subjects is Anne.

I use a method called the Edinburgh Etch.

And the a material called  Press and Peel which I bought from a UK based bay site.


I take the photo and then I manipulate it in Photoshop to get an image like this.Anne-Final

Then I multiply the image prior to some more editing.

Anne 122012

I work the image some more, removing spots and stuff.


Then I flip the image .


Then I reverse the image, making the white black and the black lines white.

Then I print it on the Press and peel sheet with a laser printer.


After the etching, I fill the etch with black paint and sand it down and then this image presents itself, in a brass piece about 75mm x 75mm in size.

This is the brass plate lying on a piece of green paper.

Cute or what?


Here is the sequence of a dog.


Mounted in a picture frame. Aluminium frame, copper background and brass picture.


He was just a cute dog that came into the shop with a customer.

I simply love Spaniels.

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