Sunday, February 19, 2012

Miniature Cubic Zirconia Machine—Finished.


From this, raw cubic zirconia.


to this.

And it runs beautifully.


I made the silver base out of a solid plate and then I carved the little legs sort of old fashioned style.


Rough shape of the legs.


I soldered them on by first drilling each one half way and then soldering a pin on/into them.

Then I pre soldered the plate’s corners and drilled a matching hole in each corner, so each leg could be pressed in.

Then they don’t move when soldering takes place.


The two shafts and the piston are made out of 14ct gold .

I also made the spring out of gold.

I got a drawplate that is made by the Red Dragon Noodle and Cat Meat Company ( just kidding )

A complete piece of Chinese crap, except for one thing.

With a LOT of patience I can draw wire down to .26mm.

The first 30 holes don’t work a rats ass.

Only the last ten holes are manageable, and as true as bob, the last one is only .26 thick, and smooth to boot.

And that is just the thickness needed to make a soft spring out of 14ct gold.IMG_9380Someone asked me if this is a steam punk piece.

Nope, but sparkle punk will do.IMG_9376

Just to compare the size to a matchstick.

There are 264 facets in total.

50 grams of silver.

About 12 grams of gold.

Build time was about 100 hours.

Everything, including the little silver screws is hand made.


Then I made a strong glass structure for him.


So he can rest in luxury.


The lid comes off like this.

I used UV resin to bond the brass to the glass. 

In fact, the whole box is rein bonded.


And then he can be lifted out of the box, attached to a base plate with tiny pieces of double sided tape.

Connect him and he will run.

And, being a Moto GP fanatic, it was also finished on Valentino Rossi’s birthday and on the same day World Champion  Casey Stoner’s wife Adriana gave birth to a  bambino daughter.

Here is a video of him  running.

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