Friday, March 16, 2012

The Hair Show.

I am bringing out a new range of hair related multi purpose Barrettes

So with that in mind we mellowed out to the International Top Hair Show.

Most interesting indeed.


There were two large halls displaying everything and anything to do with hair. I have always liked long hair and since my wife is a hair expert there has been a type of osmotic transfer into me concerning the methodologies.


Some of the hairdresser were very pro, even though somewhat left of center.


These are all the colour of subterfuge available to a woman to nail her ideal man----  joke, joke.


Lots of the guys and girls had this kind of outfit on. It just looks so cool to me,  like he really means business. This guy was pretty good too.


This guy on the other hand suffered from an dose of ego poisoning.

This is also common in the jewellery industry.

As we came up to this stand he took this chicks hair and lopped off a giant length of it.

Cut it just like one would cut a piece of thick rope.


This is some of the blondes hair.

As Anne said, tonight, when the blow wave is out she will cry. Then she will wait another two years and the lesson will be thoroughly learnt.

Rule 1. Don’t allow a fucktard near your long hair.


This guy, who also is a part time paintbrush, was actually very good. Look it is not everyone's taste, but he was definitely a craftsman.


He did the back of this dude head.  See the face?


Lots of lectures.


And new techniques being shown.


And hands on training of those techniques.


Here was a bit of that afore mentioned ego showing. Luckily not on a person with tear ducts.


All the stands were very pro.


Some excellent innovation.


And I was able to indulge in  my favorite pastime.

Photographing beautiful women.

Doesn’t get much better than this.


Lovely. The bangles as well.


We purchased three of these heads for our new range, coming soon on a blog near you.


This dude is a hairdresser, but I am not sure he is a good advert. Or maybe he is, as in what not to do……….


One of the people we had an appointment with. Don’t worry the concerned look was not real. She was only doing an up-do.


An excellent Logo I was most impressed by the quality and effort that went into the detail of all the stands.

All in all, a most enjoyable Monday.

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