Friday, March 9, 2012

Pendant, Ring and stuff.



I made a Larimar cross for a customer. Larimar is easy to cut and polish when it is a free form shape, because even though it likes to chip, you just go with the flow and whatever comes out comes out.

When it comes to precise measurements, it is quite a different thing. I had to cut these three pieces fourteen times to get them right. Took me two days.

Hey, I need the bread, man.


I also finished this ring with gypsey set diamonds. They like gypsey setting in Germany. But it is a real drag to do, marginally better than channel setting.

Don’t let the picture fool you, it is ginormous.

It is solid and weighs 60 grams. After one year of wearing it your arm will look like Popeye.IMG_9767-Sunday-morning-walkies-(12)

We went for walkies the other day. It was a balmy 10 degrees with mist and no wind.


Nice blommetjies.


Even a Greater Cormorant was in a mellow mood.


The other day we went to Antwerp and in our gold suppliers foyer is this painting. I had just glanced at it on previous occasions and in my mind I write this type of very large painting off a pile of crap.

Until Anne, who is more observant than I, told me to look properly.

For crying in  a bucket, what toss wrinkle paints a painting like this ?

Truly, there are some wacked people in this world, including the person who bought it.


I changed my blog’s appearance a bit. What actually happened is that for some inexplicable reason my followers gadget stopped working.

There is no point in asking Blogger support because they NEVER answer any queries. So I was messing around and the next thing, my theme changed and that was all she wrote.

So I redid it and my followers thingi still does not work. Frack.

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