Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dragon Bow and Jewels in Hair

I have been having a lot of trouble with blogger lately. I still can’t see my followers gadget in Fire fox, but I can see it in Windows Explorer. But I simply never use Explorer.

So then I was updating my Blogs I follow gadget and it also disappeared. Anyway, after some days, it came back again. Don’t ask why but it’s updated and it works.

I suspect it is Fire fox, not blogger.


Ol’ Schpeckels, my German cockatiel.

This dude is a attention prostitute.

He is absolutely not scared of anyone. Most birds that are in the company of a single person will regard any new person with some trepidation.

Not this guy. If a customer notices him in the work shop he will jump up and fly or walk to that person and climb on their arms and start talking to them like a long lost buddy.

Remember, you cannot call a German by his or her first name before you have known them for six years and your first cousin has married his niece.

And only then it’s  Herr Peter, if you lucky.

It is SOOO funny, because they  all stiffen up and  get this  “help, he is invading my space” look “take him off me ! “ thing.

Dogs are big in Germany, cats a distant second and birds are things that live in trees.

So they not used to birds at all.

Schpeckles, on the other hand, being the attention slut he is, is on their shoulder, giving them fat kisses and talking up a storm to them.

He is absolutely the most sociable bird I have ever had.


I made a joints in the legs so that it stands easier.

These are later going to be turned into talons, but for now they will suffice as straight little rods.


Like this. It’s like a hinge that I can adjust the tension with .


Then I worked on the back legs.

All the legs are just the basic structure and all of them will be plumped up one way or another.


The back legs have vicious blades to stop the enemy climbing on them and they also have high tension rods to electrocute enemy warriors.

Trust me on this one.

There are still wings that have to be designed and made on this project.

But I think I am going to change the name from the Hell Hawk to the Dragon Bow.

He is moving to more a Dragon look, which is not actually something I had planned from the start, but for sure, these projects a fluid and mobile as they go along.

And speaking of projects, a futheration of my current pet one.

Jewels in Hair, my latest project steams along.




A jewels in hair for cat lovers.









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