Friday, May 25, 2012

The Dragon Bow, rings and political comment


I finished the tail wings and clad them with thin copper sheeting.


I first had to make a couple of cardboard models until I got the correct shape and proportions.


Last night I worked on the head. This is probably the most critical thing, because if the eyes are not evil enough, we get the lap dog look. And that would not do, would it now?

So I cut the snout to a more dragon look and this weekend I am     ( hopefully)  going to make it look a bit like my Dino war machine.


Like this-ish.

Ok, obviously this one is a completely different shape, but I think I got the essence of the beast nicely.  I remember that the eyes took me more than a week to do.

Now all I got to do is repeat that with the dragon bow.

We’ll see………


I made a matching set of titanium wedding rings for a internet customer.

His design and proportions.

They look simple but the kinda difficult to get exact. Like the bigger one I had to make twice, because the first time ‘ol bright eyes here set the stone and I forgot to check the size of the ring.

Well, once the grooves have been cut, they are just that, cut.

No soldering them closed and cutting some more.

I was very pissed off with myself.

And to compound my pissed off-ness even more, later that day I changed the electrical plug on my micro anodizer to fit the local format.

The anodizer comes from America and is 110 volts.

Here the voltage is 220, like all other countries in the world.

Anyway, I have a step down transformer and I use that for all my American equipment. Then in a moment of absolute fuck-witness I plugged it into the 220 volt outlet and poeff!  the smoke escaped from the machine.

It is common knowledge that the smoke is carefully kept inside a machine, and when it escapes, the machine is generally ruined.

Ergo, I have one less machine to worry about. It was absolutely un fixable, with the inside transformer and circuit board completely without any more smoke in them.

Like they say, Shit Happens.


Political Comment.

And speaking of shit, there was some not so funny stuff in South Africa this week.

Zuma's Schlong

This painting was done by Brett Murray* and shows Zuma, the useless and corrupt strongman president of South Africa, with his schlong hanging out.

Stalinist style

Now it is well known the Zuma has over 700 corruption charges plus rape charges against him that were ‘politically’ withdrawn.

Add some illegitimate children, six wives ( one committed suicide, one divorced and four current ) and about twenty three legal children and you have the typical odious  African president that has so bedeviled that god forsaken continent.

And did the ruling party squeal like stuck pigs, or what.

Court cases were started, the painting was defaced by two separate people , the unwashed marched on the gallery and court house, calls for the boycott of the City Press news paper, who ran the picture, showed the cowed white population just precisely how a corrupt African regime works.

Never mind that  SA has 50 people murdered per day, nearly 500,000 rape cases* per year, which include 60 cases* of child rape everyday.

And all for a frikken picture.

I can’t wait to see what Murray will paint next.

Any bets it will be a still life of fruit or a pastoral scene?

Speaking from firsthand experience in Zimbabwe, the current government is SA are going to ruin that country until it is just another third world country in Africa.

Sad but true.

* Sources

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