Friday, May 18, 2012

Jewellery, Flea Market and Dragon Bow


I cut this tourmaline in the rectangle brilliant cut of Wilf Ross. Other than Marco Voltini’s designs, this pattern is my all time favorite.

It weighs just over a carat.

I set it into a single earring for a delightful ( elderly) lady who only wears one earing.

How cool is that.


Finished and polished. I know I showed this one before, but that was unfinished.

Rhodocrosite is a VERY delicate material to work with. The previous goldsmith had glued the stone in the old pendant and there is no way other than to cut the damn thing open and extract the stone.

Can’t use heat or any chemicals to soften the glue.


So I reverse set the stone.

The gold washers actually hold in both stones, with the top one having pave claws .


Last Sunday we went to the local flea market that is staged once a month. What a treurige affair.

Every flea market that I have been to in Germany is just an exchange of stuff from one persons basement to stuff from another persons basement.


Frack knows how people sell anything here.


Second hand Lederhosen.

I really thought of buying them but Anne immediately vetoed the idea.

I thought I’d sort of get into the local culture and stuff, you know, become more localized and all.


And speaking of local, how do some processed fox skins grab you. You know, the type you throw across the couch to really impress you leftist liberal Occupy girlfriend from New York.


Or maybe she would like a real second hand fur coat. Screw Peta.






I have been busy finishing off the body work of the Dragon Bow.

As the project proceeds, there are certain areas that sort of get left behind, in terms of finishing.

So I reworked them up further. As you can see from the top picture the spines are finished.

The body has also been made more rounded and finished off to 220 grit with a bristle brush.

Now I am finishing the tail, which is about two days of work.

As with any project, big or small, it is the finishing off that takes the longest.


This is Nico’s office.

He has a lot of Post it notes and now his Mommy knows where he works.


I’m not quite sure what to make of this label.

I would love to meet the designer though, and ask him.

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