Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rhodochrosite, Dragons and Dogs.


I’m busy with this Rhodocrosite and gold pendant.

This material is uber fragile, so I’m seriously, seriously careful .

I am going to reverse set it, so it’s set from the back, rather than the front.

A bit delicate, for sure.



So I made the wings for the Dragon Bow.

Dragons have wings, remember. They fly at night, looking for beautiful maidens to rescue and other stuff dragons do.


I first made the frame work then clad them with thin sheet copper.

Took two days of work.

Later I will colour the copper with liver of sulphur.


Then I made some ears ant teeth out of silver, but I screwed up the photo, because the jaws are in the wrong way around.


And anyway, I didn’t like those stupid forward facing horns, so I reversed them and made two more mean ones.

Then I hung the jaws on the new ones, but I still don’t like the bottom jaw.

It looks to much like a frikking Labrador licking his masters balls.

I’m going to cut the top mandible on the blue line and then see where I want to put the eyes.

It always take three of four attempts before it looks ok to me.

Changes coming soon.


Checked out a nice BMW today. Sprung frame too, must put it around 1946-56. I guess.


Check the jerry can next just to the left and below the spare tyre.


I can just see the Fraulein in the side car, summer dress all billowing with scarf flowing behind her and some steam punk goggles.


Not to crazy about the air filters. To small.


This seat was guaranteed to harden any chicks ass.


And the spare tyre was easy to pump…ha ha .


As I said before, spring has sprung.


Pretty Anne talking to Pretty Nadine on Skype.

With the prerequisite glass of wine and Schpeckles checking things out.

This sets the stage for some serious giggles, trust me on this one.


And do not think the ol’ Schpeckles is a dirty dog.

Here he is under my 400 watt bench lights, drying out after a long play under the hand powered sprinkler.

He simply loves the water.

Once he is dry, he looks all clean and smooth and plump.

Just like a dog should be.

I am not putting new Barrette designs on this post, even thought I have a bucketful.

Next time.


I was asked byJoli-Design whether I use a little torch.

Indeed I do.

I lost your comment in maze of previous posts. Sorry.

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