Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Usual BS


Right, this was the last picture I posted and I was not a happy camper. Dude, take his head off.


Cut that stupid Prince Charles jaw off and add some mean artillery.

This unicorn like tooth is made out of silver and I have  bolted it on to see if it balances out.


Then I made two more teeth out of brass.

I like the contrast in color. Problem is to solder them on to the jaw is frikkin difficult.

There is no way to sort of hold it in your tweezers and bang it on.

So I made some 2mm treaded stock and tapped a thread in the base of the jaw and then I screwed the tooth in position and soldered them in, screw and all.


Worked like a charm.

So this part is now as advanced as I want to be at.

Thing is with a project like this, or any other project like say gem carving or wax carving, is to never finish one section off more than the other.

It all has to be at the same stage of finishing, front back and top and bottom.

So now my next planned thing is the tail.


Making barrettes/ pendants allows me endless creativity.

As in I am governed only by my skill and imagination, not material costs as such.

This one is a reversed carved Baobab tree filled with gold lacquer and covered with a acrylic turquoise polymer.


Orange acrylic and a clover leaf with green beads.

I’m Dutch, I like orange.


The colours are a bit faded but these are actually blue pearl  beads.zz-brass-hairclips20120509-i-4

This is one of my favorites. A brass butterfly set on oxidized and red copper dome. Then there are eight turquoise beads set around it and it works very well.

Especially as a pendant.


A patina-ed dragon fly perched on top of a branch.


The next two are pure experimentation. I pierce out the cloisonné and fill it with acrylic.




A couple of weeks ago it was fracking cold and this dude and his side kick do their thing on the pavements of Dusseldorf. As I took the pic he came up to me and rushed me for two euro. I paid him.

Anybody that is such a doos to make his money like that deserves my sympathy and support.


I typed Hans is into the Google search box. ha ha ha


Then I typed in Zuma is…………….

Hey, I only typed it!

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