Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bicycles and Stuff



We bought some bicycles.    This one is Anne’s.

Perfect for her. Sort of a girlie bike with attitude.

All it needs is a carrier for the groceries and it’s a perfect housewife’s bike..juuust kidddding…..


This one is mine. Many years ago I had a Peugeot which was stolen by some Zambians across the Chobe .

It was my favorite bicycle.

Then I got a fancy do-da Specialist.

Now that was a really kak bicycle, expensive as hell .

I imported it straight from America to Botswana and on the box , written in big letters was “fight racism” and other slogans against South Africa.

I was living in Botswana.

This certainly did not endear me to the Specialized Bicycle company.

Anyway, this Trek is also made in the USA, and it is KISS.

No frills, not stupid disk brakes, shock absorbers and all the other gizmos that the manufactures convince the public they must have.

I’m going to take those red things of, add some guard and bingo, I got my equivalent of a Peugeot back.


Expect many more pictures of Dusseldorf.

It is a very cycle friendly city.


And speaking of bicycles, these are just a few outside the train station of Venlo.

In NL, bicycles are not just a way of life, they part of the culture.


Check out the anti car poles outside this jeweller in NL.


I like abandoned places. There are quite a few blogs around that specialize in the subject. So I am not alone. Whew.


I’m going back to see if I can get inside. I want to take more pictures of the tree that grew inside.


Old problem, new door, new vandalism. Not something one sees often in Dusseldorf. Vandalism, that is.



These are the Frank Gehry buildings.

They look like you using a special effects lens on your camera. An ongoing argument between Anne and I.

She likes them. I think the guy should have been jailed.


I am making all the end bolts for my Dragon Bow and setting gemstones into the ends.

So I cut a section of tubing then solder it onto a bolt, than turn it round on my lathe.

Then I use a domed punch to set the stones.

I use a doming punch wherever I can get away with it.

On my own stones, that is.

I’m not about to set Mrs. smith’s ten carat emerald with a doming punch, but for sure it works well on cheepo stones.


Now if there is one thing that sucks, it is the German music industry.

There is a thing called GEMA ( Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs)  and they screw the local artists by charging unnecessary fees, and generally being bureaucratic dickheads.

Oh yes, they also royally screw the local music industry up.

The local stations are, for instance, still play listing the same music they were playing a year ago….

Also, the Germans kinda like oompa music, even the young ones bop to it.

So imagine my surprise when out of the boat that has two giant  speakers on top, Status Quo’s song Gerdundula come blaring out.

Why?------------ Who cares?

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