Friday, June 29, 2012

Cross Bows and Tables


The Dragon bow getting the final installation of the crossbow.


I had to take everything apart and remake a few new parts .


Including the loading pusher.

It is inserted in the front and then the steel string is pushed back until it clicks into the trigger wheel.


Loaded and ready to fire.

The trigger is the lever at the left side under the bow.


I designed different arrows (bolts).

From the left they were made out of steel wire. The did not work so well.

Then I made some out of carbon fiber rod and I turned the points out of stainless steel on my lathe.

The one that is not sharp ( third from the right) is a ball breaker bolt.

It can smack a bottle kaput no problem.

The Dragon Bow is actually finished. But today I am going to take proper pictures and video so I’ll post later this weekend.

Jay emailed me and he couldn’t use the comment thingi. I also have a problem with some blogs.

Dunno, Blogger is notoriously useless at responding.

Any way, Jay, it is the Dragon Bow as in blow.


They had these tables out to celebrate the longest day.


Then you buy chow from the stands opposite and sit at this table with all the strangers around you.


And you can fit a lot of strangers on this table.

Then you can make conversation with a person who you actually think is a doos, and who looks at you as something exotic, cause you speak funny and you come from Africa and a Caribbean island.

Then you get up, shake hands  ( I HATE shaking hands or doing the cheek kissing thing)  and you move on, carrying that persons germs and go on further to eat some more and collect some more virulent viruses and bacteria that are for sure going to give you flu for the whole summer.

Such fun.


De Kermis komt weer.

Every year the fun fare arrives. Last year we were to busy setting up the shop to go but this time we for sure are going.


They bring some serious equipment. There is some big work done and then it stays up for a month and then they move on.




Reminds me of SA, the grass and Poplar trees.


Mommy with baby. The little tyke was a bit lost swimming in the green stuff.


Baby in the park.


My ass is getting harder. This bike comes with a tough saddle. The thing feels like its made out of petrified wood. Takes a bit of getting used to.


Seriously pissed youngsters.

And all the old folk my age go like “disgusting” and “ rubbish people” etc. etc.

I don’t, because everyone has, in their life at some time got motherless. Got carried/driven home. Even the old hypocrites, tut- tutting at the kids.

Ok, maybe not everyone. There were some people at school who became  middle aged when they turned 16.

And anyway,  human beings don’t normally learn anything without firsthand experience.


Quote of the day:

THE WIFE: Yes, he is conscientious, but lord… After he is gone—and I do hope I survive him—I can spend all morning in the garden, and then have toast and a little marmalade for breakfast. I hope I am too old and withered for men to pay me any attention. I will travel with my friends and read whenever I wish.

I suppose he thinks I will miss him in bed, but really, after, what will it be, probably forty years of having to service him—that’s what he himself calls it sometimes—wouldn’t any reasonable human being hope for a vacation?

That’s what I dream of.

A long vacation.

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