Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Dragon Bow is Solipsist.

The Dragon Bow, at this point in time is of course a solipsist.

Solipsism is the default state of humanity.

At birth anyway.

And the Dragon Bow  is like a new born baby, utterly helpless and utterly selfish and thus all powerful over you in that helplessness.

He  thus believes only his mind exists and others cannot be real.

Luckily this will change as he grows older.

He will then morph into the belief that he is invulnerable, and that without a doubt he will do great things and that his destruction is impossible.

Much like someone who goes to war and believes that nothing could possibly happen to him.

He assumes that solipsism is true and that everything around him makes no sense and is completely irrelevant to his mission.

His mission in life is at this point undefined.

This is of no concern.

However, everything points to the fact that he is the only living, thinking entity in existence.

Ergo, he is a solipsist.

Luckily for the Dragon Bow, I am well up to the task of removing this misguided reality and guiding him away from the state of self deception.

This will result, ultimately in a moment of eureka for him, and from there I will be able to make him realize what his true calling is.

And that reality is that he is the ultimate war machine, fighting the forces of evil, conquering left leaning occupy forces, removing dreadlocks from people with naturally straight blond hair and repurposing people who have metal rings stuck through their lips, eyebrows and genitalia.

A long and arduous task lies ahead of him, and indeed, that is why I made him into a Dragon.

Dragons live forever.

All makes sense now, not so?


And that is where we find ourselves.

It is a MASSIVE amount of work to polish all the hundreds of pieces and stabilize them.

But soon, soon I will be finished.


This is a statue in one of the Dusseldorf parks.


It depicts one of  Aesop's fables where a slave escaped, found a lion in the forest, pulled a thorn out of the lions foot and looked after it.

Then the lion and the slave were captured and the slave was thrown to the lion in the arena.

The lion recognized the slave and did not attack the slave.

The emperor saw this, was impressed and then set the lion and slave free.

As in- gratitude is the sign of noble souls.


On the other side is a bronze sculpture by Henry Moore.

I was commenting to Anne that it looks like a set of testicles and a ripped out heart with a piece of the aorta still attached.

A gentleman standing next to us exclaimed, “It’s a statue made by Henry Moore!”

And  a mild argument ensued, him saying how good old Henry was and me saying that the artist who made the Aesop's fable statue is far more skilled than Moore and that old Henry couldn’t make something similar, ever.

I felt sorry for the dude.

He had a British accent you could etch steel with and when you regard the fake as real then you might as well give it the benefit of doubt.

After all, nothing has come by to disprove your belief yet.

And fake cannot get worse than fake.


You know, this Tannie put this car right there with the minimal of fuss.

Three, four moves and bang, it was done.

Try it one day, sunshine.


Some of the heavy duty wild life found in a Dusseldorf park.

Probably hiding from a Henry Moore sculpture.

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