Saturday, June 2, 2012

Floriade 2012.


Our long time friend Heidy from Kasane came to visit us. She owns Kubu Lodge in Kasane where we were regular visitors to her restaurant, so it was great to see her again after nearly ten years.

Anne had suggested we go to the Floriade flower show in Venlo in NL for a day. This is quite a large horticultural show that is held every ten years .

The entrance building in kinda impressive.


It’s got this cable car thingi that runs the length of the show grounds which are 66 hectares in size, so you for sure going to get tired feet.


Pity is was a bit overcast, but that was ok, because the temperature was quit comfortable.IMG_1622

There were forests,,  many types of gardens and displays by various countries.


One was Pakistan, where this lady was making lace the traditional way. I was most interested. It takes about twelve years to become a good as she is.


All those strings have a little wooden spool on them and in a most intricate manner they are manipulated by hand to make the lace pattern. And fast is not the word. Most dexterous indeed.


There was also a gem cutting and jewellery making section. This is  a very well used copy of my Imahashi . Repeat very well used.


This dude was faceting gemstones using the most primitive of equipment.

And the quality of the finished stone was amazingly good considering.


The jewellery bench was equally ‘native’ but this melting station was really cool. The left is an air blower, which feeds air down to a small charcoal bed in the middle of the box.

Then the gold is melted in the tiny crucibles and poured into the ingot mould .

Most ingenious.


Impressive ampitheatre.


These girls were really good, giving a show that mimicked some sort of evil birds.

T he little kids absolutely shrieked with delight when they we ‘chased’ around.


Pity, they did not want to chase me though.


Of course I took millions of picture of flowers.


There was a hot house with a most impressive selection of Orchids


This is a carnivorous pitcher plant.


This orchid is actually a deep purple, but for some reason it registers blue on my camera.

I suspect that that is because it emits a light signature more suited to its pollinating agent, maybe in the near infra red .


There was quite a lot of this stuff.

A wacky kind of art display who’s meaning is lost to the likes of me and the original artist as well.IMG_1702

This little girl was plowing up a virtual field like nobodies business.

Definitely Dutch.


Definitely Belgium.

The sign say that some artist designed “ a quiet office colour room, a place of meditation, contemplation, presentation and calm”


Like this-- ha ha ha , I would just love to see the artist version of  a room that is not quiet and calm.


Heidy and Anne testing out the many different tomatoes. The verdict “fantastic’

Being someone who does not eat bunny food I can only pass the verdict on to you.

Today is Japan Day in Dusseldorf.

So expect some more cos play pictures soon.

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