Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Steam Punk Dragon Bow loves Cos Play.


I made the cover for the bottom.

I fastened it with 2mm brass screws that I made as well.


Then I steam punked the “power unit” this is the boiler that actually powers the Dragon Bow.


Here it is positioned on the leg structure.


All the legs are finished up to polishing. All the spikes have been added and all the claws are razor sharp.


I also made a copper mane that I mounted on his head.

I felt the head didn’t have enough ‘body’.

It took me a whole day to file it out of a solid piece.

At first it had six spikes, but as I filed it didn’t look right, so I cut it down spike by spike until it balanced.


Then I turned on my lathe all the little spikes that screw onto the tail and make it articulated.


Here they all screwed into place. I am still going to dome the washers on the body, but I ran out of threaded bar, so I will do that next week.


Here is the Dragon Bow so far.

I really am not looking forward to the polishing phase. There are so many spikes and razor sharp edges that if it hooks on the polishing buff, tears and blood will with out a doubt ensue.

The next main phase will be the cross bow itself, a part I am really looking forward to.

Basically, I am going to finish the trigger and reloading mechanism and then make a few bolts ( arrows) and shoot the crap out of everything.


Last Saturday was Japan Day which brought out 700,000 people to Carlstadt here in Dusseldorf. Lots of cos play, and make no mistake the youngsters take this stuff seriously. I’m told they spend the whole year working on some of these costumes for this day.


Don’t ask, but still cute.


Lovely in pink.


I was a beautiful day, warm, windless and sunny.



It helps when you pretty to start with.


Pretty in blue.


This one has got a distinctive transvestite look.


Lots of the kids go around in groups.


And ‘Free Hugs” was the theme. This young lady also has' ‘free kisses’ in small writing on her sign.

Dang, it sucks to be old!


I really liked these zombies.


Good looking dude too.


People were parked off on the grass and mellowing out.


I took this picture of some camping ‘back to nature’ kids, and only when I was editing the picture did I notice the sleeping beauty in the bottom left corner.

  Ha ha ha--  a cute bum indeed.


An serious pose from a serious lady.


I’m not quite sure what their theme was. Japanese restaurant workers perhaps?


There were a bunch of stands. This one was for car insurance but I am afraid they were more in need of auto tune.


You got to figure.

An expensive camera, just lying there, totally ignored.

In St Maarten that thing would break the 100 meter sprint record, it would be gone so fast.

It’s absolutely great to live in such an honest society.

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