Monday, July 23, 2012

And then there started the Crossbow Cannon.


I started a new project, making a miniature crossbow that is at the moment called the cross bow cannon. This name is not cast in concrete, things change.

The wood is Rhodesian Teak.

When I was staying in Kasane and Vic Falls, the Zim Government decided to build a new section of low cost housing and a whole lot of trees had to be cut down.

Now there is one thing you cannot fault Zimbabweans on---they are industrious people.

So one day I was taking my staff home and there on the side of the road on a plot was this dude with a large saw cutting planks out of a tree trunk. This is mind numbingly tedious work.

Including that they have to be cut straight and indeed they were amazingly straight.

I bought most of his stock. Sort of because I felt sorry for him and also because it was not half bad wood. Okay, half was bad and the other half was good. He was happy and I got a ten year supply of Rhodesian Teak.


Hack it rough. You can’t file something thicker, so I start thick.


Making the trigger wheel. Got some serious filing to do.


File that teak. I use a 16 inch rat tailed file to do this. A giant file.


Then I use the course barrel bur to enlarge the hole so the wheel spins freely.


Now I set the tone  and the general design flavor of the piece.

I have been hung up on that kind of design since I was a kid. The walls of my bedroom were painted black on white with this kind of motive. My mother didn’t freak out toooo much.


Anyway, I needed some bronze plate 3mm thick and the thought of trying to find a supplier in Dusseldorf made me weak at the knees. Especially if you need only 70mm square. This kind of material normally sells in football field sized sheets.


So I melted it and made my own plate. Much faster.


Then I glued the trigger and cut it out. Three millimeters is quite thick, but it only takes an hour of piercing to get the basic shape out.


Then I fit it and trim the trigger wheel down a bit. The blue marks are where I might set some gemstones in.


Starting to carve the body.




Some new barrettes that have sold.

There is a street here where the buildings are painted.


This one is an etymologists dream.


Lots of work. I know of some girls who will flatly refuse to enter this building.


THIS must have been real vasbyt to finish. Click on the picture to see the details.


Like this one to. Getting all those line straight and square—definite OCD there.IMG_2737

Better than all the grey buildings of Europe.


“ Hi, my name is Schpeckles. I noticed you were eating a sandwich and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind to just give me a teeny itsy weeny piece as well.”

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