Monday, July 16, 2012

Blackmore’s Night in the Essen Concert hall.



We went to Essen by train to go see Blackmore’s Night. This is Ritchie Blackmore lead guitarist for ex Deep Purple  and Rainbow.

He teamed up with Candice Night, then married her and now they perform renaissance music in small venues around the world. I have been a fan of Blackmore for forty years, so I was super nice to finally see one of the worlds best guitarists actually playing live in front of us.

Essen is a kak city. We have never liked it and we decided to use the train instead of Arnold the car. Just for the experience thing. We have never traveled on a train at night.

We first went to a Wimpy type diner and has a couple of glasses of wine and some forgettable food.


You can see why it’s a miff city. They chain the clothes onto the racks. Classy.


One thing that surprised me were that , Anne excluded, all the people were geriatrics like me. I sort of thought the people would be younger and wilder. ( note to self , look up renaissance in dictionary)


Germans drink. Not as much as Saffas or Brits, but trust me, they can pack it away with the best of them. This was the crowd before the doors opened.


A convention of old geezers, albeit with good musical taste.

The sound in the concert hall was superb, of course.


And the crowd was very well behaved.

I have been to concerts where the dope smoke formed it’s own weather system, complete with thunder and ball lightning, but here the air easily met EU safety standards.

Pity in a way, because a little spliff does make things more mellow.

And the wildest fan behavior was getting up on your feet and clapping, like about twenty times…..


The music was great however. Candice night has a brilliant voice and Ritchie is a virtuoso on a guitar. In the picture, he actually has one instrument on a sort of pedestal.

Then when he has finished playing the front one, he steps back and the plays the guitar on the strap. Frikken scary dude.


Candice is also competent on some wind instruments, but her voice is really her strong point.IMG_2580

She also is very easy on the eyes, even though she wears hair extensions.

Ha ha, can’t fool us dear. We make hair accessories….


Forty years I waited to take this picture. I had my binoculars there, so I could see his hands up close.

His Fender (not the one in the photograph) is all cracked and worn. It’s got some serious attitude.IMG_2583

And then it all ended to quickly.

Picture of the people standing and clapping for the last time.

Definitely to be repeated.


The Kermis is being built.


This  ride is one I want to go on.


Believe me when I say that the cop station looks efficient and ready, it is so. With video cameras checking things.


I am for sure going to visit this stand. I just got to figure how he does not get sued for the name.


There's this big drum that I assume the bikes ride on the walls when it spins, or something like that. I am not to good with the who’s who of Kemises. A lot of the rides are kind of mysterious.


Anyway, they ride two 1940-50 Indian Scouts there.

If you see the previous picture, you’ll see another one at the bottom of the big drum thingi.


In the days when engines were more simple.

Ok so I have actually no idea what they do with these old bikes, but they certainly in running condition. I can’t quite figure out why one would use a valuable old bike instead of a modern one.

I would love to ride one, though.


Here is another type of bike. This is called a velo bike. This one is made in Belgium.


The driver is a fan of duct tape.


He said he’d ridden about 15,000 kilo’s in it already.


I wonder how waterproof it is.

But is goes like the clappers.

He was there one second and gone the next.

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