Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dragon Bow Finished.


Dragon Crossbow Finished (3)

Finished the Dragon proper.

I had to add to the actual bow mechanism and also make a reloading rod.

After the cross bow actually fired ( is that the right word?) about a hundred bolts, I figured it would shoot ( right word) at least 500 more.

There are two more things to do. One is build a display box.


That I have started .

A stained glass bottom.

I was going to put lights in the bottom but I rather first enclose everything with glass and then see what lighting I want.

I’m opting for outside lighting.  More versatile.

Dragon Crossbow Finished (6)

This is an extremely difficult thing to photograph.

Notwithstanding the size, it has so many reflective surfaces that it becomes a thousand points of light.


So Anne spent yesterday taking photographs , making both a white  and black light tent.

This was the white one, using some innovative props. As in prop up.

The Dagon Bow was not amused, I might add.

Dragons generally prefer solitude and hot darkness.

And he didn’t actually remember signing up for this shit.

Dragon Crossbow Finished (10)

Anyway, he had no choice.

Dragon Crossbow Finished (5)

The white removes reflections a lot. Not all, but a lot.

Dragon Crossbow Finished (1)

Here’s one I took, showing red reflection, sort of adds to the Dragon thingi.

Dragon Crossbow Finished (7)

With not to many reflections.  The rivets that hold the copper sheet to the brass bone structure can be seen.

These are not what they seem. They are actually poison glands and they got spikes just like sea urchins.

This is to stop any enemy climbing up during battle.


The Dragon Shield.  Check the red field finder eyes on top.

The last sight the enemy sees.

All the legs have swivel ball joints, so they can move in any direction.  I’m going to photo some battle poses soon.


A strung wing. Clad with copper. I used Liver of Sulphur to blacken it and then used a 75mm plastic bristle brush to selectively remove the black.

Dragon Crossbow Finished (8)

But I left the tail a different colour. I can always make it more black, but I kind of like it  a lighter colour.


I am sure I am not the first builder of a project to have the complexity and detail go up as it is being built.

If you click on the picture to enlarge, the hole I left is to make a stronger bow. I doubt it is needed so I’ll reduce the complexity and make a pretty cap for it.


He  started simple.


I can open the jump ring and remove the bow string. The bow has got a brass grommet to stop the steel string touching  the steel bow.


I swear the next piece I make will not have 450 pieces.

Talk about mission creep.     

Next up is a shooting video.

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