Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rings and a modified pair of pliers.


Nice afghan tourmaline I cut and fitted on her ring. Her design.


Remade a single  ring out of her recently passed husband wedding rings.


Ditto as above.


This one is my fruitcake design. Work is kinda tight these days, so these don’t exactly represent my retirement annuity.


The other day I bust a pair of pliers that I had modified for myself. No problem, I bought a set of circlip openers for about 12 bucks.


Then I use my melting torch to bend the jaws into a round shape.


Check how the heat has not even started to burn the red plastic of the handles.IMG_2089

Problem is though, that because the jaws are now rounded, they are also ‘bigger’ so the handles are far to far apart for comfortable use.

So I do the same thing to the handles. I heat them cherry red and bend them inward.


AFTER I have removed the plastic. When that kind of plastic burns, it makes a million little blackbirds of ash, like acetylene torch. Very annoying.

The steel that pliers are made of, bends very easy when it is cherry hot.

“Hot short” means that when a metal is bright red hot it will tear and crumble easily. Silver is like that.

Steel, titanium and brass are not, for instance.

After the plier is finished being bent, I re heat the jaws and let them air-cool, effectively annealing them.

I use these pliers to hold cups and domed shapes. Very handy.


Well looked after Beemer. I always liked this model.


Summer cycling. I want to come here in mid winter and take the exact picture to see the difference.


The kermis continues to be built.


Big work, make no mistake.


One of the local beaches on the banks of the Rhine.


  Summer evening. It is about 7:30 pm.


Mostly the graffiti in Europe sucks, but you got to hand it to ‘ol FH.    He wasn’t shy about heights.IMG_0830

I just had to take a picture of this piece in Cartier's windows.

Cats eye chrysoberyls, rubies and diamond beads, drops, and buttons. All in all, a bucket full of diamonds.

A snip, at 132,000 Euros.

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