Friday, July 27, 2012

The Cannon Bow


I cast another two plates of bronze, rather than go looking for them here in Dusseldorf. I designed the forward wheel struts in the same manner as the trigger’


Cutting them out and filing them was a real mission. Took most of last Sunday.


Then the wheels. This is always a large amount of work, be that a wheel or a flywheel. This is a piece of wood that my friend Doug Hazelton gave me . I haven't the faintest idea what kind of wood, but it’s got a nice colour and it turns easily too.


So here are the two outer rings.



Then I turned out the inner hubs. Drilling the holes have to be kind of accurate other wise the spokes look out of sync, and that wouldn’t do now would it?


These are temporary spokes. They going to be made more ornamental . Also, the wood wheel are going to get a brass band around them.


Rough fitting.


I am going to make the prod longer and the rear will still have some thingi on to raise it and give it a better attitude.

But this week end I am going to be working on the Dragon Bow’s video. Namely, showing how it shoot all kinds of thing kaput, like glass and balloons and stuff.


This bunch are the protesters that are protesting better conditions for refugees.


They are squatting under a bridge.


It’s a hard life, this, sitting all day surfing the web as two generators put put away,powering your laptops, IPhones and hair dryers and stuff.


I read in the local newspaper that the poor neo liberals are on hunger strike. Shame, they really having a tough time of it. Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe those at the table are the poor underfed refugees.

Poor things.


An art display in a park here.


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Sandra Graves / Isis Rising said...

I have to admit that I rather like the clocks on stems in the park. For "public art", it at least has a sense of the sarcastic.

Love the way your crossbow cannon is coming together. So pretty!

- Sandra