Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cranks and Warm Weather.


Anne’s bike’s crank got some water in it and so I had to replace the bearings in it.  Not a big job but I had to buy a crank extractor tool, which is the thing that actually removes the pedal lever.


Anyway, after the bike was fixed we went for what is our fast becoming favorite ride down the one side of the Rhine and then back up the opposite side home. This is about a three and a half   hour ride depending on the head wind. And when one cycles as fast as the average German, the legs start unionizing for overtime pay.


We went out early, like eight thirty.

This is the time in Dusseldorf when Germany has not actually woken up. So you can pick up some cool pictures of the night before.

Like these two dudes who must have got so pissed last night that their buddies left them in the middle of a park . With their under jocks halfway down. Lying on their jeans.     Soooooo funny.

Positive proof that Germans DO have a sense of humor.


It is not often that one has a Sunday with such blue sky day. Absolute perfect weather, hitting the high 30’s.


The Rhine , at 10 in the morning.


Don’t kid yourself, there are lank people here. This is the queue to the swimming place, like Magnolia Dell in Pta in the old days.


And at ten in the morning it is already filling up. Not for the love of heroin would I go in there. These pools will be green later. That is, yellow and blue make green.

Puke 1


The morning after Saturday night with exquisite pictures of  pre chewed beef, sushi and mielies --- ha ha ha.

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Sandra Graves / Isis Rising said...

Your ride sounds wonderful, the Rhine looks gorgeous. I loved the photo of the two perfectly placed guys. Around here they would be arrested and thrown into jail for indecent exposure - what a ridiculous waste of a good laugh. Glad you're getting good use from your new bikes.

- Sandra