Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cycling, Dragon Bow and a Goldfish story.



This is on top of one of the very few hills in Dusseldorf.


It’s appropriately called “ the view” It is also a real bitch to cycle up. Gets the heart rate to 200/minute easily.

First time we didn’t even get halfway up without pushing.

Second time slightly more that halfway. Some parts are so steep that the bike constantly wants to loop out.  Real fun, that.


Anne decided the bush was a tad to thick there.

But Dusseldorf is really cycle friendly. There are some 600 kilo’s of paths here. And just like the Dutch, you can see that the Germans also were born on bikes. Even the smallest tot to the oldest tannie ride like there is no tomorrow.

In NL, everybody rides at a sort of Dutch pace. Fucking slowly. In Germany everybody rides at a fast pace, even if they just cycling for fun.

Weird thing, that.


This is the Dragon Bow shooting. I put a bit of baby powder on the quarrel just for cool looks. Crossbows don’t really produce smoke……….



This is  a slo-mo of the quarrel hitting a water filled mayo bottle. Cool or what?


I put this shot up as my screen saver.

Anyway, the video can be seen on my You Tube channel.

I used some of Mike Oldfield’s music, kinda illegal I suppose. An then I got a notification from You Tube saying they wouldn’t do anything except put some adds up.

Listen to me. ---I bought Ommadawn, the LP, when it came out in the seventies.

Then I bought the imported version because the local pressings were so crap.

Then I bought the cassette for my car.

Then I bought the CD when cd’s came out .

And finally, I bought the remastered digital version from itunes,  I think.

That’s six times I bought this music.

I think I paid enough now.


There was this guy who used to take his pet goldfish for a walk.

No, seriously.

Over many months he trained his little fish to stay out of water for longer and longer.

And he also reduced the amount of water in the bowl until his fishie could live outside quite comfortably.

So then he would fasten a leash around his goldfish and then put the little fishie on his hand and then walk around  his village every afternoon at five.

One day, as he was walking over the bridge, disaster struck!

His goldfish slipped it’s leash and fell into the water and drowned.


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