Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Country Lanes and Books.


Not a sight one sees often.

A herd of Imahashi tangs having a little natter over some tea.

Actually, two are mine and the third is from Oliver. I gave him a crash course in how to cut a stone the other day.

I think he went home with his mind a bit scrambled. It is easy to think something is easy when one can do it easily. But it is also easy to forget how difficult it was in the beginning.


‘Tis autumn.

It’s 15C here at the moment, even though the sun is out.

Not so much cycling time left.


The many cycling routes can take you all along the farm lands that surround Dusseldorf.


It’s difficult to capture the ‘feel’ of the countryside, but this had the same vibe as some of the roads near Knysna in the Western Cape in summer.

Quiet, sleepy and warm with the lazy sound of insects buzzing in the grass.


Even the kitty was mellow, relaxing in the church grounds after a heavy night of rape and robbery of all the delectable female kitties in the ‘hood.


This is like a book exchange. You go and leave your books there and then take out some new ones for yourself.

I have never used a service like this. The reason is that everyone will leave only their lousiest book behind, and then take the best books for themselves. Therefore there must be a downward spiral and only the most awful of books will be left there.

Like “ They Came From Outer Space” ---- in German.

The mind boggles.


Books are big in Germany.

Plenty of book fares like this, with all fuddy duddies like me looking for that long lost Biggles book.

Or maybe the The Famous Five, by Enid Blyton.


Now for myself, I don’t own any more books other than reference books.

From St Maartin I gave away a life time collection of the very best science fiction books available.

Thousands of them.

Now I own a Kindle and that is all I read.

I absolutely love it.

Need a new book? --Go to Amazon and download it in seconds and bang, you ready to go.

One of my biggest hassles in the past was dragging all my books with me.

Now I only have a couple of  hundred  reference books, and that is it.

Paper?----- Go on dear, that is so….German, not?


This is European camping on the banks of the Rhine.You pay 12 euro per night and then you can park off there, but there are no ablutions so your camper better have a toilet.

Check out ‘ol Fritz and Gretchen, having Frühstück on the river’s edge.

Determined, if nothing else.


Ha ha , I caught  Schpeckles . He was investigating my latest doorstop I am making, and POW! I had the lid on.

He is so trusting, it didn’t even faze him.


Siggy Sieg said...

Seems like you are happy and settled in Deutschland. Are you doing the "40 years on" thing next year?

Sandra Graves / Isis Rising said...

I agree with the e-book love. I adore my Nook, although there are still books I can't get in e-format. It's still so nice to have 100's of books in one small package.

Poor Schpeckles - what a sweetie!

Fall is coming here also. My favorite season, but also rather sad because it means that winter is on its way and winter, in my part of the US, really sucks! Enjoy your crisp days of biking.

- Sandra