Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rock Crystal and a Doos


There’s this aristocratic German gentleman who walks into the workshop, and asks me to cut a slice off  this rock . ( I cut the back part )

This dude is quite an expert on the quartz’s that are found in the mountains of Germany.

Wikipedia quote----- “ Pyrargyrite is a sulfosalt mineral consisting of silver sulfantimonide, Ag3SbS3. Known also as dark red silver ore or ruby silver, it is an important source of the metal.”

So now you know………..

Anyway, in the front of the rock there is a tiny little red crystal.

So the other day on Orchid, a poster said that he had used a magnifying glass in front of his iPhone, he could get some cool close up pictures.

So I used my gem cutting loupe in front of my Cannon S95.


Look how nice.

The tiniest of tiny crystals.

Does this type of photography work, or what?



So what I found out with my camera, is that if I increased the zoom, up to the 15x digital, the image through the loupe was still focusable.

All these pictures were just taken hand held.

With the correct lighting and a fixed camera, I think it would be quite easy to take very good pictures.


Here is one of a little spider outside the shop window. Insects are kind of scarce around here.


I finally finished the display box for the Crossbow Cannon.

Grey stained glass at the bottom with a hinged lid.


It’s even got a lock. 

And the Cannon Bow has chocks that the wheels fit in.

The chocks are affixed to the floor, so it can’t move when the display case is moved.IMG_3285

After I had made the hinges and catch I resined them on with UV resin.


Awful powerful stuff.


This is the resin I use.


The bottom has a brass frame the glass is fitted into.

The fricken display cases of my art pieces take up a significant amount of time to construct, believe me.

But since I want to put them into a gallery they got to be done well and be lockable.


Here is a nice circa ‘70’s Royal Enfield . With a broken chain, something that used to plague me as well in the days I rode British bikes.


Nice though.

They still make this bike in India, albeit with all the bunny hugger attachments like emission control, warning stickers and feel good eco titles.

So they are then allowed to be sold in Nanny Europe Land.


Ha ha, the other day we were cycling and I spied four youngsters acting a bit strange.

So I zoomed in on max and took this picture. When I checked it out back home ------BUST !

I blurred their faces, but you can clearly see a Churchill zoll being rolled.

This is the weird thing in Germany.

You can be sixteen buy a shit load of beer and wine, get totally hammered, puke and pomp everywhere, burn cars, spray graffiti, bust bottles and generally cause deep, deep shit without too much of a problem.

But fuck dude, light up a gentle joint and see what happens.

You in chooki and you got all kinds of shit coming your way.

All driven by the Yanks and their stupid “war on drugs”


Bereft. Devoid. Barren. Destitute.

I swear.


It was here that Pablo had his ‘eureka’ moment.

Like “ So I don’t actually have to put her eye next to her nose---how cool is that?”

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Sandra Graves / Isis Rising said...

Wow - take a few days off and you get the whole box done and figure out a great way to do in-depth micro photography! Count on you to accomplish something while I'm on holiday - LOL. Congrats once again on the completion of that lovely crossbow. It's totally stunning!

- Sandra