Friday, September 28, 2012

White Gold Locket.

A client instructed me to make a locket for him.

(Actually, Anne instructed me, since she is the workshop front, but you get the drift)

Anyway, it was to be 11mm x 2.5mm on the inside and had to have glass on both sides, so one could see through it.

There is a small shell that must fit into the pendant.


Start, as always, with a strip of white gold about 1mm thick.

I have to start thick, because I want the pendant to have ‘heft’ and a reasonable wall thickness as well.


Then I made a couple more of inter fitting rings.

Now, it would be nice to pop some 18ct white gold bar in my lathe and cut away.

Unfortunately I was right out of 20mm white gold bar, or put it another way, my wallet was not co-operating. So it was the hard way round.


Solder them up so they fit inside each other nice and snug.


Making the groove for the hinge.


When ever I have to make hinges I drill out some wire. That way I control the ID diameter and there is no solder seam.


Soldering the hinge on. The trick here is to use the minimal solder needed.


Then I put the two halves together and soldered the center hinge knuckle in.

I move the solder up towards the center with careful control of heat with my torch--- without soldering the two sides together.

This was taking to a big chance actually. Next time I solder the middle one first, then I solder the two outer ones .

Much easier to control the solder with the heat coming from the sides.

Then I just file the excess solder away.


Then I cut  the two glass sides to the correct diameter.

I use 1mm watch glass which is hard and scratch resistant.

It kind of helps having a faceting machine for this.


Here she is starting to look a little less agricultural.

The glass is fitted but not set.


Then I made the V link and polished it and set the glass.


Ready for the shell.

This pendant closes with a friction fit.

It is impossible to open without a tiny screwdriver.


So I also made a dedicated screwdriver for the pendant.


See right through the pendant.



This is my clients photo he sent me.

I put the two little rods in on my clients suggestion, so the shell does not roll around to much.

And here it is being worn.

I enjoyed making this piece.

Definitely something out of the ordinary.

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