Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Last Pictures of Summer.


OK, enough of all the tech stuff in the last few posts.

This weather pictured is part of history, I’m afraid.

Right now it is a balmy 13C – and autumn.

Last Wednesday we went out cycling, because it was a mandated “You vill cloze der Shop” day from the government.

Reunification day, actually. The day when east Germany ran out of bullets to shoot into their feet, and went begging to the west for solace and comfort.


This is a load of cocaine as payment for all the new number plates the east Germans had to buy for their cars.


There’s this artist who lives across the way from us. He is a very good painter, and a nice guy too.

His poster mounting skills are somewhat suspect, though.


Bet you this guy loves his number plate.

I know, I know, somewhere there are cars with C*nt, P*ss out there. I just got to find them.


Protest March, for the acceptance of bull terrier type dogs. You know, those dogs that are forever mauling ‘lil old ladies, children and pet poodles.

“ Puddles is such a gentle dog with children. I just can’t understand why he would kill the nursery school AND the teacher”.

Germans love their dogs more than anything, but I don’t.

They keep these giant dogs in the flat, take it out three times a day, otherwise it drops a giant submarine in a lake on your carpet.

The other day I stood in some dog shit and walked it ALL OVER  the shop before I noticed. I was seriously pissed off mopping the floor, cleaning the carpet, soles of shoes.

Give me a cat any day.


Another thing Germans like is classical music. Come rain or shine.

These dudes were tuning their instruments as I cycled past. Whew!

The frickin’ music is such a downer it sucks the sunlight out the day. Ever my tires felt deflated afterwards.

Now I understand why all the youngsters walk around with iPods stuck in their ears.

Serious Prozac territory out there.


Statue of a ancient arm wrestling and soccer champion woman. Yes people, those are boobs, not pectorals.

She looks kinda Greek, actually.

Without the moustache though…


‘Nuff said.


There, I fixed it.


Self portrait.


And as the sun was setting, we slowly wound our way home…..

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Sandra Graves / Isis Rising said...

Our autumn has also arrived with low temperatures and grey skies *sigh*.

I have to admit that I love classical music although I'm just as likely to be listening to heavy metal or an audio book. But as a former cellist, classical is near and dear to my heart.

Shadow pics were marvelous! And you love cats! I knew there was a reason why I liked you so much...

- Sandra