Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Flutterbye’s and Pendants.


Sigh—trust me, taking picture like this is only possible for about 18 seconds in Europe.

In all others it’s monochrome.

Well, not really, but it is kinda frisch outside.

Read frickin’ cold

But there is nothing better than a warm workshop and a warm woman in the workshop, and I got both.

Actually, the warm woman part should read hot, as in hot.-------------------------------------------------   I digress.


Here is a classic cover up job.

This diamond has a certificate, kid you not.

With a canyon on the girdle.

“Make it look good, Hans”, they said.

Well, yes.------ Luckily, when we lived in Swavelpoort in SA, I made jewellery for a diamond dealer who used to have these kak stones and then expect me to make a Xmas tree out of them.

Promise, after some time you actually get good at this stuff.


Here is the pendant, in white gold.

Seven ‘o clock is where the canyon was.

There is also a  smaller canyon at four ‘o clock.

Remember, this pendant is only 10mm in diameter, so the canyon is visually gone when you don’t see it seven million times larger like you doing on the screen..


Tricky stuff.

Had to have an open back, (demanded) and the thing was so small, I had to stamp the fineness stamp on the awl.


This is for a private customer.

More tricky stuff.

The necklace was two different pieces.

The large one was a very long tennis bracelet, and it tended to roll on the neck.

The square stone bracelet was meant for a wrist.

So after some serious modifications I got joined them and now it does not roll on the neck.

The emerald pendant was modified to fit the new chain.

This was a hurried picture, but it actually looks quite impressive, what with just under a hundred carats of diamond and a fifteen carat Columbian emerald.



Here is a larger pic of the pendant.


“Trust me son”, said a voice, “these times will come again”.

Problem is we had to adjust the time an hour later.

Which means summer will be an hour later.

This sucks badly.

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Sandra Graves / Isis Rising said...

Finally allowing my own schedule to return more to normal and a chance to catch up with you and Ann. I'm delighted to see work coming across your bench. It may be trade work, but it pays and keeps your hand in as well. Good news. Love the emerald...I want - LOL.

- Sandra