Sunday, November 18, 2012

Graver Sharpening.

I have been doing quite a lot of work on my GraverMax

Along with setting and engraving, comes the second next important thing after hand control, and that is sharpening your gravers.

So I made a different holder for the GRS system on my Imahashi.


The top one is the original for gem cutting and the bottom one is made for the GRS graver holder.

I have to make  a special holder because the frikking Americans refuse to change to metric.

So GRS is a quarter of an inch and my 1974 made Imahashi tang is 6mm.— like in 1974…..

Quarter  of an inch is to big for the Imahashi’s chuck.


I turned it out of a piece of stainless steel.

More of a mission to turn but it don’t rust ever.

That’s a big plus in the long run.


So now if I want to cut a graver at 60 degrees, I can.

Or any degrees, for that matter.


I use an old 1200 grit diamond lap with WD 4o as a pre polish cutting lap.


And then I polish it on a Cerium Oxide impregnated lap.

Polishes real quick.

And real, real sharp.

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