Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More work

In the summer here this place is to nice.

The evening lasts too long, so you always getting to bed to late. But it’s great.

Late sunsets, just watching people , one is allowed to stand around and drink your own beers or wine .

Real chill out stuff

In the winter, however, the frikken place is dark by five pm.---For months.

So it’s kinda difficult to mellow out at four pm to sit on the bridge and have a wine or two.

And chill out gets a whole new meaning, at 5 degrees.

That’s a schlep, because when it’s dark outside, to my internal clock, it’s time for dinner.


You work till the normal seven.

Then you also can’t see the people outside easy, so it’s like working in this black one way mirror box.

We do different work now. Lots of make ups , but finicky stuff.


Lots of white gold. I have made a lot of pendants and earrings like the ones in the background.


And tricky work too. This amethyst setting was made by a local goldsmith and cut in Brazil-- and I had to set it.

Quartz is a bitch to set. They chip very easily and this was for a difficult customer of his. He had made the ring four times over.

I sweated, but it came off all right and his customer was happy.



Here is a nice pendant, with the chain going through the tube, and set with a 1.54 D VS1—a really nice stone.


This picture is a bit bland.

I had to recut the top of the aquamarine.

It’s set in a platinum art deco affair and it was chipped all over the top.

It started at 59.99 carats and ended up at 58.45 carats.

I thought is was not to bad, considering the damage.

Hassle is though, it fits into a pendant so a complete recut is not possible, because then it will be to small .

It was badly cut, and I have no choice but to follow the original facets, skew or not. So at the end, all the scratches are gone, sure, but the stone is still cut crap. Only this time there is some one to blame.  Me.

That’s trade work for you. Everything done perfectly, for nothing, and finished yesterday.

I’m not moaning, because it pays the rent, but not for ever, thank you very much.

We got some nice shop orders coming through next week. Some decent stuff to photograph.


I work under two 200 watt incandescent bulbs and the other day one exploded.

Nearly in my bek.

This is the third time this has happened in thirty years, so I’m not too worried.

Frikken annoying, though.


She thought.

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